Latest Media Rankings From BurrellesLuce Show Big Moves in Social Network and Blog Standings

LIVINGSTON, NJ, (March 31, 2009) — Facebook, Huffington Post, AARP Bulletin, and USA Today are the highest-ranked outlets in their respective media categories, according to updated standings released by BurrellesLuce.

The data are contained in the latest version of "Top Media Outlets: Newspapers, Blogs, Consumer Magazines, & Social Networks," which BurrellesLuce offers free to public relations and marketing professionals.  The lists show the 25 busiest social networks, the 25 most popular English-language blogs, the 25 largest U.S. consumer magazines, and the 100 leading daily newspapers.

Social-network rankings reflect data compiled by, blog standings are based on Technorati’s Authority scores, and the print-media figures come from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC).  The rankings are based on data as of the following dates: social networks, Jan. 2009; blogs, Feb. 15, 2009; magazines, the six months ending Dec. 31, 2008; and newspapers, the six months ending Sep.30, 2008. (The latest BurrellesLuce list of top dailies is identical to December’s; ABC will release new data for dailies in April.)

Twitter recorded the most dramatic gain in the social-network rankings between January 2008 and January 2009, jumping to third from twenty-second.  It finished just behind MySpace and ahead of Fixster, which soared to fourth from sixteenth. Another top-25 site that moved more than 10 spots was Ning, which rose to twelfth from twenty-third.

Relative calm marked the top tier of blog rankings, but ferment prevailed just beneath that. Blogging Stocks and Gadling, neither of which had a presence on December’s BurrellesLuce list (which was based on Technorati’s Authority data as of Nov. 25), occupy the eleventh and thirteenth spots on the latest list.  Other blogs that had not made December’s top 25 but found a place on the latest list include TMZ, Cinematical, Joystiq, TV Squad, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and Download Squad.

There was very little activity in the rankings of the 25 leading consumer magazines.  Indeed, the top six outlets on the latest BurrellesLuce list finished exactly as they had done on the December BurrellesLuce list (which was based on ABC data for the six months ending June 30.)  Similarly, only one of the publications on the earlier list does not appear on the latest list: AAA Going Places, which had been twenty-third, dropped out of the top 25 and O-Oprah ascended to twenty-fifth. 

“BurrellesLuce has distributed media rankings regularly for several years and, as the importance of the digital media grew, we added blogs and social networks to the mix,” said Executive Vice President Steve Shannon.  “The media lists have become a must-have resource for public relations and marketing professionals, who use the information to help them plan upcoming campaigns.”

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