Evaluating PR Campaigns, Doing Social Media the Right Way Are Focal Points of BurrellesLuce Execs at Annual Conferences

Johna Burke, Tressa Robbins to Speak at PRSA, PRSSA Events in San Francisco


LIVINGSTON, NJ – (Oct. 12, 2012) – BurrellesLuce Senior Vice President Johna Burke will tell PR practitioners why and how they should measure a PR campaign’s value against an organization’s larger objectives in a workshop she will lead at the international conference of the Public Relations Society of America, to be held Oct. 14-16 in San Francisco.

Just a block away, another BurrellesLuce executive will speak at the 2012 conference of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Tressa Robbins, vice president, Media Contacts and Social Media Solutions, will discuss the essential role now played by social media in public relations. And, with a co-presenter, she will advise the PR majors who gather in San Francisco on what they should—and should not—do when planning and managing the social media component of a promotional campaign.

The theme of the PRSA meeting is “The Future Starts Now,” while the PRSSA meeting will concentrate on “Bridging the Gap.” Burke’s session, part of the scheduled first set of professional development workshops in a track devoted to strategies, will be held on Sunday, Oct. 14, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Robbins’ presentation is slated for Saturday, Oct. 13, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The subject of Burke’s workshop has taken on increasing importance in recent years. As Burke notes, “Public relations and marketing practitioners must assess the value of campaigns in order to understand what is working. But effectively demonstrating the impact of their efforts requires practitioners to become familiar with, and to internalize, the metrics used by other departments within the organization—including the metrics defined by the accounting team.”

Burke will touch on several essential steps in that process, among them: 

*  Identifying both the quantitative and qualitative metrics that can be applied.

* Learning how to decipher an organization’s mission and business strategy, including key objectives and benchmarks.

Like Burke, Robbins will focus on strategy in her PRSSA session concerning social media. A longtime mentor to public relations students, particularly those in her home state of Missouri, Robbins will use case studies to illustrate how PR practitioners can identify audiences and then reach the audiences they want to target.

Robbins said the session will be closely coordinated with co-presenter Heather Whaling, president of Ohio-based Geben Communication. “We’ll emphasize the do’s and don’ts of social media,” Robbins noted. “The case studies that Heather cites will exemplify the right way, and I’ll give examples of less-than-satisfactory social-media activities.”

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