BurrellesLuce Executives Will Focus on Social Media, PR Business Strategy, and Media Measurement in September Speaking Engagements

LIVINGSTON, NJ (September 3, 2009) — BurrellesLuce executives will speak this month on several topics topping the agenda of the public relations community.

The subjects include social media, measurement of media coverage, and organizational strategy in an uncertain economy. Following is a brief description of the events, listed in chronological order:

Sept. 8 — “Overview of Business Applications of Social Media” is a webinar sponsored by the Software & Information Industry Society. One of the panelists is Gail Nelson, BurrellesLuce’s senior vice president, marketing. 

Sept. 15 — “Best Practices in Media Measurement” will be discussed by BurrellesLuce Vice President Johna Burke at the Oklahoma City gathering of the Central Oklahoma chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). 

Sept. 16 — Ms. Burke will describe best practices in media measurement at a meeting of IABC Tulsa.

Sept. 24 — “Closing New Business During Challenging Times” will be explored by a PRWeek webinar panel that focuses on the ways in which social media tools can be used in lead generation, enterprise sales support, competitive intelligence management, employee recruitment, team culture and morale boosting, and branding and awareness. One of the event participants is Steve Shannon, executive vice president of BurrellesLuce.

Sept. 29 — In “Using Twitter to Enhance Your Public and Media Relations,” Debbie Friez, BurrellesLuce’s vice president, major accounts, will tell the Baltimore Public Relations Council how PR professionals can gain maximum mileage from Twitter.   

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BurrellesLuce is the U.S. leader in media monitoring. Professionals in a wide range of industries rely on our comprehensive curated content from local and national print, online, broadcast, and social media sources. BurrellesLuce has a turnkey copyright compliance program that allows us to provide copyright-compliant, behind-the-paywall content not available to other services. BurrellesLuce combines grade-A content with easy-to-use software, allowing users to evaluate and analyze their media coverage and PR efforts. It's all integrated into our user-friendly interface, BurrellesLuce WorkFlow™.

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