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June 2013

5 Tips to Help You Unplug From the Workplace

  1. Plan your vacation. Make sure that your time off is scheduled and that you are taking at least a week offline. If you really want to get away from it all, leave your laptop at home and just take a portable device that will allow you limited access if necessary to check messages. Setup a separate email account for family and friends to stay connected during your time away.
  2. Complete all action items to allow you peace of mind for your departure.
  3. Delegate pending projects and open items to a trusted colleague. Make sure this person has an emergency contact number for you.
  4. Coordinate and let people know that you are unavailable. Provide a return date to manage expectations and identify a contact person (including phone number and email address) that they may reach out to for immediate assistance in your absence.
  5. Unplug by turning off all alerts, syncing apps, mail, etc. on your phone and devices.

Follow these simple tips and you will eliminate unwelcome noise during your time off and maximize the rejuvenating effects of vacation. This will allow you to return more focused and driven than ever. Now, go, enjoy!

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