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February 2013

We often hear from seasoned PR professionals and new practitioners that they want to infuse even more passion and enthusiasm into their craft.

In this newsletter, we share with you 6 ways to strengthen your productivity and PR efforts.

1. Manage your morning. It's been proven that the morning is your most productive time. Experts suggest spending at least a half hour on a project first thing and to limit the time you devote to email and social media. Sid Savara, personal development trainer and blogger, suggests 7 Reasons You Should Never Check Email First Thing in the Morning and offers ways to eliminate distraction from email. Not convinced? Numerous books, including those by Julie Morgenstern suggest similar practices.

2. Accomplish something. "The first thing you accomplish at work sets the tone for the rest of the day," writes Gina Trapani in WorkSmart: Do Your Worst Task First (Or, Eat a Live Frog Every Morning) on Fast Company. As you create the habit of completing tasks you will boost confidence and gain momentum to meet other challenges that arise throughout the day.

3. Share your expertise. In an article about Organizational Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring, Nicole Long explains: "On an organizational level, coaching and mentoring can provide a host of benefits. Mentoring and coaching can help encourage loyalty to the company. When experienced professionals help mold the career of and provide opportunities for mentees, these individuals may feel a greater sense of connection and commitment to the business." BurrellesLuce also wrote about mentoring as one of the PR and Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013.

4. Collaborate with management. Managing up can be equally effective as managing down. Managing expectations can also make your organization productive. Talking to a supervisor may help you resolve some issues and frame a new idea — think a brainstorming session. When preparing to meet, take time to set an agenda and objectives and always think ahead to the potential business impact. Employee Assistance Networks offers Tips for Communicating Effectively With Your Boss.

5. Take Vacation. Studies long tout the benefits of taking breaks and time off. To boost productivity some organizations offer unlimited vacation policies where employees can dictate how much time they are away from the office. Regardless of your company's policy for time off, be sure to use it. You'll come back refreshed and ready to tackle new and previously insurmountable challenges. Don't delay just because you have things pending.

6. Look forward. You owe it to yourself and your organization to do the best work you can and in an environment that supports growth. It is easy for individuals, even creative ones, to ignore the signs that they may need a change. When Routine Has Masked a Need for a Career Change, "It's important to get the support and guidance to help get clear and define what steps to take so you can begin to get a sense of a direction," writes Lisa Riley on The Art of Mind blog.

BottomLine: Adopting even just a few of the techniques above can have a significant and positive impact on your productivity, your career, organization and relationship with your clients. Whether you're building relationships with The Media, your social media communities, or constituents — BurrellesLuce is there to assist you on your path to PR success.

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