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October 2012

More than 80 percent of people use second screens to multi-task. (Think browsing the web or mobile messaging while watching TV). "This proliferation of screens is creating intriguing new possibilities for TV broadcasters and marketers alike," confirms JWTIntelligence in Top 10 Ways Marketers Are Using the Second Screen. Depending on the demographic information of your audience this can be essential to captivating and maintaining viewers.

Enhancing Multi-Screen Experiences for Maximum Audience Participation

1. Understand your audience. Close to 4.3 billion people worldwide own at least one mobile device, reports Susan Huynh, forecast analyst at Forrester. In fact, “Global mobile internet users will outnumber PC-based users by 2016.” While there are many sources, such as ComScore, providing audience demographic information, this post offers the framework to measure web analytics against your initiatives.

2. Design for multi-screen viewing. Create campaigns compatible with an array of mobile devices if you wish to continue to reach your audiences and remain accessible. Designing in HTML5 has its advantages when creating a mobile-friendly site. Marketing a branded app in place of a traditional website is another option. The key is to weigh the pros and cons of each against your budget, goals and objectives, and user preference.

3. Create searchable content. Some 45 percent of consumers look for additional content related to a show or advertisement while they watch television. This often takes the form of social media shares, coupons, videos, reviews, and additional product information, etc. These types of audiences create a valuable opportunity for marketing and PR pros because they are actively seeking to establish a relationship with brands. One way you can enhance this is by aggregating user-generated and company-owned content that is relevant to both the individual and the niche.

4. Facilitate interaction. Geo-location networks and use of second screen apps are two other ways to reach your audiences. Despite their trendiness, however, “Check-in apps are struggling to reach scale and maintain repeat usage from those who try it, suggesting that simply checking in is not compelling enough to drive sustained interaction,” cautions Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam. To remedy, try creating the experiences (and go beyond) what your audience would expect in a way that is compelling and rewarding.

5. Be a multi-media organization. A recent PRSA-NY Meet the Media event featured a panel of experts who gave a peek into their shows and offered tips for how PR professionals can get their clients featured. One takeaway was to include video content with pitches as it would show producers the capability of interviewees and could help guarantee a placement. (Read more of Meet the Media: 10 Tips for Pitching Broadcast on the BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas blog).

Bottom Line: In today’s competitive world of media, it is imperative that you see the complete picture of all of your media coverage. Although the definition of broadcast may be shifting, the relevance of TV and video content is not. Audiences want to access the news and information they need at any time and from anywhere. PR and marketing professionals are challenged to segment a single user on multi-screens and multi-viewers if they wish to ride the next media wave.

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