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November 2012

At the 2012 PRSA International Conference BurrellesLuce asked for “Your Ideas.” Professionals and students from across the industry wrote their insights on the BurrellesLuce backdrop. They shared their thoughts about ways to improve PR, what they see on the horizon, and directions PR might take to stay ahead of the media relations curve.

This got us thinking about the coming year and what we see as the most likely trends for 2013.

Strategic Communications

PR budgets are expected to increase in 2013. With this comes the added responsibility of developing more strategic communications objectives and more accurate metrics to report on results. One way to do this is to look at the content being marketed. Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute suggests these 7 Content Marketing Strategies for 2013, including developing a mission statement.

Hyper-local Targeting

A proliferation of mobile devices fueled demand for mobile-centric content targeted to specific niches and personalized to meet individual preferences in 2012. As more mobile users look to supplement their existing media consumption with information tailored to their current geography and location, national brands will ramp-up their local efforts. “Some 91 percent of national brands say they plan to spend more or the same on local marketing (i.e., campaigns directed at customers in their local markets) in 2013 compared to 2012 spending levels […],” confirms a survey from Bahiloo, a provider of local marketing automation technology and services.

Corporate Storytelling

Gordon Locke of dcustom, an integrated content marketing agency, predicts that micro-stories – little stories within larger stories – will be among the B2C and B2B marketing trends in 2013. “In the new world, a 360-view of any company will reveal many facets of essential storytelling.” Through micro-stories audiences connect with the companies and products that are compatible with their values and organizations further define stories that drive interaction. Lou Hoffman, president and CEO of the Hoffman Agency, suggests the use of storytelling to enhance the Contact Page of a company’s website or any other page that might get traffic.

Discipline Collaboration

PR and marketing professionals will continue to be tasked nearly every minute of every day to manage the relevancy of the brands they represent. However, they can no longer do this in a departmental or organizational vacuum. For efforts to excel, collaboration throughout the organization and with clients is needed. Christoph Becker, AdWeek, suggests Intimacy as Opportunity – where emotions inspire action – as a way to market values built on teamwork and reach audiences. “We know that ideas can take any form. Igniting human emotions takes more than just a concept and a media plan. So the more kinds of talent and experience we can bring to the challenge, irrespective of job title and department, the more kinds of creative opportunities we will see.”

Mentoring and Cross Training

Mentoring has always been an important factor in helping professionals develop their skills and talents. With a growing age-diverse workforce we will see more focus on multigenerational mentoring. For example, Boomers will school Millennials on tried-and-true communications methods and Millennials will help them understand the nuances of emerging technologies. Ken Jacobs, principal at Jacobs Communications Consulting, talked about the practice of reverse mentoring in a BurrellesLuce webinar, “Managing, Motivating, and Leading Millennials.” He explained that conflicts arise between generations because one often assumes things about the other (e.g., Millennials see Gen-X as "aloof" and "unresponsive" while Gen-X sees Millenials as "narcissistic" and "self-indulged"). Finding ways to learn from each other is imperative for success. Mentoring and reverse-mentoring offer these opportunities.

Measurement and Benchmarking

Nearly 66 percent of respondents to an online survey by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at the University of Alabama indicated “improving measurement” as being one of four key issues shaping PR. “‘We are not surprised to find organizations racing to revise or create strategies to manage this revolution, but the mandate to develop meaningful measures of impact and value in a world that’s being transformed by data, that’s new,’ said Dr. Bruce Berger, the study’s lead researcher, and the Reese Phifer Professor of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Alabama.”

Bottom Line: 2013 is rife with new and existing opportunities for PR and marketing professionals. The key is to identify the trends that augment existing organizational goals. If your goals involve the media, BurrellesLuce Workflow is there to support your media planning, monitoring, or reporting efforts.

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