Balance: 5 Tips to Successfully Limit Technology for Offline Gains

Balance: 5 Tips to Successfully Limit Technology for Offline Gains












August 2012

When we say we are going to “unplug” what does that really mean? For some it is limiting use of technology for a day or so and for others it is going cold-turkey and disconnecting from all electronics. (That’s assuming we even take vacation time.) Whatever your definition of “unplug,” we can all use a break from our mobile devices now again.


Here are 5 tips to help you achieve long-term productivity and make the most of your time away from your gadgets.


1. Focus on health. “Need an extra incentive to take time off? Overworking may be taking a serious toll on your health,” says Holly C. Corbett in this Prevention Magazine article. When we focus on health and putting our own wellbeing first, whether that’s implementing a new exercise routine, resting, or spending quality time with loved ones and friends, we are happier and experience less physical illness. This translates to productivity when the time comes to get down to work.

2. Engage sparingly. If the idea of not checking work email or voicemail leaves you feeling anxious, then set aside some time. Schedule your online time when your colleagues are more likely to be offline and keep your session brief (use a timer if you have to). Remember, there is a thin line between staying caught up and mobile addiction. As The Daily News reports, 84 percent of people worldwide are unable to go even one day without their mobile device according to a TIME Mobility Poll. In fact, “one in four people check their phones every thirty minutes, while one in five check every ten.”

3. Learn something new. Brushing-up on new skills (like taking a class on HTML or some other relevant topic) and catching up on your reading can help you stay in the know and increase your marketability. Amazon lists the hot new releases in business and investment, as well as the top public relations and marketing books. Your friends in the industry can probably also recommend a must read, such as Alan Cohen’s Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros™, and a course or two to take.

4. Clear out the clutter. Clutter kills creativity. Take the opportunity to clean up your desk, organize your portfolio, and remove any objects or paper that should be filed in the trash. Freeing up your physical space helps eliminate distractions, improves mental health, and provides you energy to find innovative solutions. “It’s common for people who feel overwhelmed by their physical clutter to go into a state of resignation. When you have a sense that you can’t control the little things — such as quickly finding a stapler when you need it — then it becomes easy to tell yourself that there’s no way you can have the other bigger things that you want […],” confirms Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, in Clearing Clutter Increases Success.

5. Set goals. Time away from the office can help you gain perspective so that you can prioritize your professional and personal goals. Setting goals isn’t just about creating another to-do list. Instead, focus on S.M.A.R.T. goals — ones that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Then create a plan to help you achieve them short term and/or long term.

Bottom Line: It is important to take some time out to reflect and rejuvenate. Unplugging, even for a little while, can help you come back recharged and ready to tackle any task at any time of year. BurrellesLuce also helps you stress less and work smarter by providing all of your curated, copyright-compliant coverage in one convenient and easy to use portal — BurrellesLuce WorkFlow™.

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