Using The Power of Simplicity to Optimize Brand Communications

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Why BurrellesLuce?

BurrellesLuce helps communications professionals maximize their media relations results through a full range of planning, monitoring and measurement services.


Do you know what impact the perceived simplicity of your brand has on the lives of your clients? Are you communicating simply and clearly with your target audience(s)? And is your organization ready to collect the premium that people pay for brands that reduce the stress in their lives?

Join BurrellesLuce and Brian Rafferty, Siegel+Gale Global Director, Customer Insights, as he discusses the findings of the 2010 Global Brand Simplicity Index in an informative and revealing 60-minute webinar.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • What simplicity means to your audience, and how that can vary by demographic group.
  • The top ten global brands and the industries that offer the most simple communications and experiences.
  • The payoff for clear, honest and efficient communications.
  • Strategies used by leading brands to make them highly rated in terms of simplicity.
  • How you can differentiate your brand based on simplified customer experiences and gain customer loyalty in the process.

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