Crisis Communication: When The Stuff Hits The Gumbo Pot.

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Why BurrellesLuce?

BurrellesLuce helps communications professionals maximize their media relations results through a full range of planning, monitoring and measurement services.


One of the most crucial areas of public relations, crisis communication, deals with the inevitable by targeting possible situations before they actually happen.

9/11. BP Oil. Fukushima Daiichi. All are recent, terrible tragedies and all needed strong crisis communications plans to cut through the rumors, lies and fears to deliver the truth to all of their publics.

Join BurrellesLuce and, The Ragin’ Cajun, Dr. Joe Trahan, as he leads you through the techniques to successfully manage a crisis from planning to implementation in this 60-minute informative webinar “Crisis Communication: When The Stuff Hits The Gumbo Pot.”

During the webinar you will learn:

  • The three C’s of crisis communications.
  • Functions of a Joint Information Center.
  • How to effectively measure and monitor your communications plan.
  • The key to becoming a better leader within your organization.
  • Essential interview techniques.

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