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BurrellesLuce Complimentary Webinar: Tips for Planning & Evaluating Successful Events

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Webinar: Planning & Evaluating Successful EventsTips for Planning & Evaluating Successful Events –BurrellesLuce Complimentary Webinar


When: Monday, September 10, 2012

Time: 1:00pm EDT

Participating in and hosting events can help drive awareness and visibility for your organization. Events can help boost organizational profits and financial success. However, pitching events to the C-suite and ensuring company buy-in can be tricky. Growing your revenue requires strategically understanding your income streams and how to financially maximize every opportunity.

Join BurrellesLuce and Abbie S. Fink, vice president/general manager of HMA Public Relations, for this informative 60-minute webcast, “Tips for Planning & Evaluating Successful Events.”

During the webcast you will walk away with:

  • PR tips for incorporating special events into your communications strategy.
  • How to establish strategic goals and properly review your revenue streams
  • How to manage revenue goals and enlist the support of others to help you.
  • How to continue to leverage attendee participation and attention after the event is over.
  • Why it’s important to participate in industry events.

And much more…


Moderator: Johna Burke, senior vice president, BurrellesLuce

Space is limited. Sign up now for this free webinar, “Tips for Planning & Evaluating Successful Events.” If we are unable to accept your registration, an on-demand presentation will be available for review after the event at


abbie1Abbie S. Fink is vice president/general manager of HMA Public Relations, where she serves as HMA’s primary media and digital communications trainer.  Her varied marketing communications background includes skills in media relations, digital communications/social media strategies, special event management, community relations, issues management and marketing promotions for private and public sectors, as well as not-for-profit organizations.

PR News 2010 Media Relations Summit: Colleen Wilber, America’s Promise Alliance, interviewed by Johna Burke, BurrellesLuce

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Transcript –

JOHNA BURKE: Hello, this is Johna Burke with BurrellesLuce, and we’re at the PR News Media Relations Summit. I’m here with Colleen.

Colleen, will you please introduce yourself?

COLLEEN WILBER: I’m Colleen Wilber, vice president of media relations at America’s Promise Alliance.

BURKE: And, Colleen, we’re talking about how the media relations has impacted the bottom line of businesses, and you have a great example of that and the attributes that brought to your business and to you as a PR professional. Can you share those?

WILBER: Sure. For the past two and a half years, America’s Promise has been working to raise awareness of the high school dropout crisis in this country. And as a result of that work, we’ve seen nearly 3,000 news stories in print, more than 400 million media impressions. We’ve seen a fivefold increase in news coverage on the high school dropout issue, with nine out of 10 of those stories being directly attributable to America’s Promise Alliance. So not only has that meant an increase of awareness of the actual issue of the high school dropout crisis in this country, it’s meant a lot for our organization. It’s helped to raise our visibility and credibility. It’s helped to increase our partner network so the people who are working with us two and half times–we’ve gone from 150 partners when we started this campaign to close to 450 now. We’ve seen increase in financial support. And we’ve actually seen a big increase in the support in the action on the ground for the work that we’re doing. So it’s meant quite a bit.

BURKE: Great, Colleen. And where can people find you online and in social media?

WILBER: Sure. You can find us online at That’s our website. Check it out. You can see videos about our launch and the work and the media clips. And you can find us at Twitter. Our handle’s @fivepromises. And we’re on Facebook at

BURKE: Great. Thanks so much, Colleen.

WILBER: Thanks.

It’s Public Relations Award Season!

Monday, May 17th, 2010
Flickr Image: Mags_cat

Flickr Image: Mags_cat

My email inbox, probably not unlike yours, is full of calls to enter local PR awards.  For instance, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) DC Metro’s Silver Inkwell entries are due June 10. Entries for the National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA-NCC) Thoth Awards are due June 18. To top it off, Washington Women in Public Relations’ (WWPR) next professional development lunch is on writing successful PR award entries.  And that is just the regional events. Nationally, PRSA, IABC, the Association for Women in Communications (AWC), PR News, PRWeek, and others have awards programs too.

Although entering takes time and cash, winning one of these awards helps prove the value of your hard work throughout the year. “Whether you’re an internal communicator, media relations specialist, work in interactive communications, or any other communication discipline, there is nothing like being acknowledged by your peers, so I urge my communication colleagues to enter. It’s a terrific way to showcase your work, as well as advance the profession,” says Shonali Burke, ABC, president, IABC-DC Metro.

Recently I asked Lindsey Rose, senior counselor, Carmichael Lynch Spong (a client of BurrellesLuce) why she thought it was important for industry professionals to submit to these types of awards. She explains how PR industry awards offer several perks for your clients, your agency and you, as a practitioner:

Your clients: Awards give them recognition for their accomplishments and help raise visibility and drive excitement for their programs. Awards solidify clients’ achievements in their industry and help bring their stories to life. Award summaries also often help clients merchandise their communications efforts/case studies within their internal organization.

Your agency: Awards showcase your leadership through best practices outlined in your submissions. Awards celebrate your relationship with your client and reinforce the client/agency partnership (and oftentimes further reinforce clients’ ongoing investment in your work). Winning awards can also open doors and help bring your agency to the table for new business opportunities.

You: As a practitioner, awards showcase your strategic capabilities from research and planning to execution and generating results. Compiling awards is great practice for any PR practitioner – no matter what your level. Winning awards is even more rewarding.

You can get hints and tips for preparing your awards entries on many of your local and national professional organization’s websites. Some great resources include:

  1. PRSA offers advice on preparing their Silver Anvil Awards on their website.
  2. IABC has a webinar on entering the Gold Quill Awards.

Personally, from having judged several awards programs and chaired a judging committee, I know the key to winning is evaluation and measurement from beginning to end of the project or campaign. The best well-written press release will not win an award without showing how the release had impact. The key is to start early, ideally from the beginning of your project or campaign, and continue to document and save information throughout the program.

So now that PR awards season is well underway, how are you preparing? Are there any suggestions you can add for making the most out of your submission?