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How to Enhance Online Video with Live Streaming and SEO – Lessons from PRSA-NY

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Alfred Cox*

My last few BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas posts have focused on integrating online video into your public relations campaign and creating, marketing, and measuring online video in PR. Both were inspired by a recent PRSA-NY panel. For this post, the third and final in the series, I thought we could discuss how to enhance online video with live streaming and SEO, as taken from the panel.

The event featured presentations from Joe D’Amico, PopTent; Jake Finkelstein, Method Savvy; Jonah Minton, Ustream; Mark Rotblat, TubeMogul; Eric Wright, DS Simon; Jim Sulley, newscast US; and Larry Thomas, Latergy.

It was followed by a roundtable Q&A moderated by Jason Winocour, social and digital media practice leader at Hunter Public Relations.

Recipe for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Marketing and communications professionals often talk about the need for engagement and the desire for their videos to go viral. Who wouldn’t want millions of people viewing their videos and spreading them across the web seemingly overnight?

While it’s not impossible to fulfill that goal, the success of a video is quite relative. It won’t matter how great or potentially “viral” your video is, if no one can find it online…

Jack Finkelstein, president of Method Savvy, had these tips to share on effective SEO and improving the searchable quality of your video: (more…)

Potential for Viral-Level Activity on Facebook?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011
Flick Image: raphaelle_ridarch

Flick Image: raphaelle_ridarch

Are you responsible for growing your Facebook page? If so, and if your sole motivation is quantitative and not engagement, you may be able to use the latest update to drive your goal. The new Facebook administrator change is a new/old change and allows administrators to send a notification to “Like” your page versus the old method of sending email notifications that were often lost in the shuffle.

Why does this matter? Now, you can simply link to “Invite Friends” and not worry the call to action will be lost somewhere – as these invites come up as Facebook notifications rather than generic recommendations. The interesting option suggested on Inside Facebook is to increase the number of administrators to your page to help drive growth of new pages.  This gave me moment for pause because of the security ramifications. But, if Facebook is the preferred medium and the community owns the space and the page creator has taken the time to make informed decisions about who else they would like to have admin their page then, perhaps, this wouldn’t be as scary an option.

Facebook is being cautious with the use of this feature and is only making this available to administrators with the initial launch of a new page. Still, there’s the potential conflict that this free function could interfere with paid marketing efforts.

My advice. Try it. If you’re comfortable, increase your administrators for a week and see if you improve your conversion and overall numbers. If you do, please share your results here, on Fresh Ideas, so we can all learn.

If you want to experience a whole day of learning all about Facebook, please join PR News for the August 9th Facebook Conference in San Francisco. BurrellesLuce is a sponsor and I look forward to seeing you there.

YouTube Turns Five … Are You Tuned In?

Friday, May 21st, 2010

by Denise Giacin*

User generated content is all the rage. So, it’s no wonder that YouTube’s popularity has continued to grow over the past five years. (You can check out YouTube’s “birthday” celebration channel here.)

While YouTube has become a place to show off your dance moves, rant about politics, or promote your garage band, among other things – it’s also become a useful tool for media professionals looking to connect and engage with their constituents and to promote and market their brands, clients, and concepts to consumers in visually stimulating ways. (Even my BurrellesLuce colleague Johna Burke has begun to interview PR professionals at various industry events and posting videos on YouTube like the one below.)

By using YouTube to engage consumers, marketing and public relations professionals are creating a lasting impression…perhaps even more lasting and with a farther reach than even they may realize.

For instance, earlier this week, I received an email from an online events company promoting the Discovery and National Geographic King Tut New York City exhibition in midtown Manhattan. While the advertisement itself did catch my eye, the piece that won me over to buy tickets was the YouTube video included on the web page. The video is captivating and really motivated me to check out the exhibition. Not only that, but I forwarded the video to a few friends and now they would like to go with me. If I wanted to, I could also post the video on Facebook and Twitter which would give the exhibition even more exposure.

YouTube videos are in an easy-to-share format, allowing people to quickly pass along information without taking much time or energy. The passing along of information in such a way can create a “viral video,” which has the potential to do great things for your brand. (But remember, each brand or organization must determine their own measure for “viral” that makes sense with their overall communication plan.)  Having your YouTube video passed along by a consumer sends a powerful message: The consumer is actually telling the recipient this is something worth checking out – in other words, the act of sharing a video becomes a digital form of word of mouth. And even if viewers aren’t necessarily sharing the physical video online, they may still be discussing it offline.

A recent PC World article by Daniel Ionescu called “YouTube Beats Prime Time TV On 5th Birthday” states, “Google-owned video sharing site YouTube is celebrating its fifth anniversary on a roll: the company announced that it is now serving more than two billion videos per day, which is nearly double the audience of U.S. prime-time television.” With an audience like this size, organizations that aren’t already doing so should really take advantage of YouTube to give their brand the greatest exposure – assuming it makes sense with their overall communications strategy.

Is YouTube a medium that’s worked for you in the past? How are you utilizing YouTube to promote your brand? I would love to hear your success stories!


Bio: Prior to joining the BurrellesLuce Client Service team in 2008, Denise worked in the marketing industry for three years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Connecticut, where she gained experience interning in PR and working for student organizations. By engaging readers on the Fresh Ideas blog Denise hopes to further her understanding of client needs. In her spare time, she is passionate about Team in Training (The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s charity sports training program) and baking cupcakes. Her claim to fame: red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. LinkedIn: dgiacin Twitter: BurrellesLuce Facebook: BurrellesLuce