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Top Five Most-Read BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas Posts in May 2011: Twitter Chat Transcripts, MySpace vs. Facebook, and more.

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Twitter Chat Transcripts twitter-bird-2
BurrellesLuce has made it easy for you to see the latest transcripts from the industry’s top social media chats and community events all in one place.


MySpace vs. Facebook: Which Site is the Current Cool Kid? MySpace vs Facebook: Who is the current cool kid? (A BurrellesLuce Image)
Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell “cool” from “un-cool” – especially when it comes to social networks and professionals who want to be with the “in crowd.” Although Facebook trumps MySpace with their overall number of users, organizations debating on which site to use should research the demographics and lifestyles of the key users they wish to target and focus their message and branding appropriately. Then they can be sure that both their company and clients are “cool” because they resonate with the preferred target audience.



Top Five BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas Posts for the Month of April 2011: Smart Goal Setting, Brand Simplicity, and More

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Smart Goal Setting for 2010 smart goal setting concept
This post proves that setting “SMART” goals is always timely. To ensure success and empower ourselves to achieve both our professional and personal goals, goals need to be specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and fit within a defined time frame.


When It Comes to Brands and Content, Simplicity Matters iStock_Communication_Small
The practice of using simple language to engage and connect with a target audience has always been an important part of solid communications. However, this is often easier said than done – especially for PR professionals working in specialty fields where communicating complex information is the norm. Few people have little patience for jargon and pretentious language. And this is equally true for journalists and bloggers who are often working under tight deadlines. This post reflects on several questions savvy PR professionals must ask themselves before pitching “Aunt Edna” and “Uncle Walt.”


2010 PR News Media Relations Conference: David Warschawski interviewed by Johna Burke, BurrellesLuce

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Transcript –

JOHNA BURKE: Hello, this is Johna Burke with BurrellesLuce, and I’m here at the PR News Media Relations Conference. And I’m here with David.

David, will you please introduce yourself?

DAVID WARSCHAWSKI: Yes, I’m David Warschawski. I’m CEO of Warschawski. We’re a full service marketing communications firm.

BURKE: David, can you please share the tips with organizations on how to avoid losing money?

WARSCHAWSKI: That’s a great question, just finished talking about it. Let me give you four main tips. The first is, number one, get clarity of what your brand is, what makes you highly unique and relevant for your target audience, and create marketing communications around that. But until you have clarity of that, it’s hard to make sure that you’re using your money wisely.

Secondly, make sure you have clarity of who your target audience is. And not just clarity of your primary, but of your primary, your secondary and your tertiary target audiences. That way you can allocate your spending wisely, making sure that you’re hitting them with your key messages to move them to action so that your brand becomes resonant for them.

Third is make sure you’re not jumping on the bandwagon. Don’t follow the latest and hottest topics. So if social media isn’t right for you, you can’t sustain it or do a great job, as one example, don’t do it.

And last but not least, everyone has a great resource that should be used, and that’s your internal communications team, it’s your internal team in total. Turn them into brand ambassadors for you. Use them and leverage them. Make them the folks who on a day in and day out basis represent your brand in the most positive way. Fantastic four simple steps to make sure you’re spending your money wisely and getting the biggest bang for your buck.

BURKE: Thanks so much. And where can people find you online?

WARSCHAWSKI: Best is go to our website, I’ll spell it for you. It’s W-A-R-S as in Sam C-H-A-W-S as in Sam K-I-dot-com.

BURKE: Great. Thank you so much.


2010 PR News Media Relations Conference: Yanique Woodall, 1-800-Flowers, interviewed Johna Burke, BurrellesLuce

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Transcript –

JOHNA BURKE: Hello, this is Johna Burke with BurrellesLuce, and we’re here at the PR News Media Relations Summit. And I’m here with Yanique.

Yanique, will you please introduce yourself?

YANIQUE WOODALL: Yes. My name is Yanique Woodall, and I’m the vice president of enterprise public relations at

BURKE: And, Yanique, you’ve led a session that I think is invaluable for communicators and PR professionals especially, talking about how you targeted your audience, and the research and the focus that you used with your existing audience. Can you share how you did that?

WOODALL: Specifically, when I joined, it was important for our internal in-house–our internal PR team, as well as our external PR agency, to align ourselves with the marketing partners to really understand our target audience. But for us it was not just about knowing who the target audience is, because 1-800-Flowers services anyone from 18 to 54, basically anyone with a credit card, we wanted to know the sweet spot of the audience, the brand influencers, the ones that were going to move the needle. So we knew that when we put together a PR campaign, it would affect that audience and we could show measurement at the bottom line.

Specifically, it was important for us to be a part of the focus groups, be a part of the surveys, be a part of the opinion polls, to understand the customer. And once we figured out that customer, we understood she was a social media maven and she was in Twitter, she was in Facebook, and she wanted to engage with brands through social media tactics. Specifically, once we found that best media vehicle, which we understood it would be social media tactics, we needed to do some research to understand if that vehicle was going to have an impact on our brand. And through some research, we did find out that social media has a great impact on the brand, and we decided to go about that route.

Looking ahead, we did a case study for Mother’s Day around our Spot a Mom Movement. Basically, we’re encouraging all of our customers, our best customers, to celebrate every mom in their life. In this case, we saw an increase in multiple purchasing and we saw an increase in total transactions, so we knew that that was a success.

BURKE: Fantastic. And where can people follow you in social media?

WOODALL: If anyone has any additional questions in reference to social media, they can follow me on Twitter @woodallpr.

BURKE: Great. Thank you so much.

WOODALL: Thank you.

Great Social Media Marketing or TMI?

Monday, June 14th, 2010

by Crystal deGoede*

Original Images Courtesy of HBO and Diesel

Original Images Courtesy of HBO and Diesel

If done correctly, social media marketing (SMM) can really take your organization to the next level.  With SMM, the unique and innovative ways to target your audience, promote a new product, or engage with fans/clients are endless.  In addition, as more and more organizations realize the benefits they can endure, the more people will embrace SMM.

However, where do you draw the line?  When does a great marketing tactic turn into “TMI” (too much information)?

Imagine you are shopping alone, and you come across a “gotta have them now” pair of Diesel jeans. You go to try them on, but wish you had your best friend there to talk you into actually pulling the trigger and purchasing them. How would you feel if you could just press a button, and instantaneously connect to Facebook, where you could stream a video of yourself in the dressing room trying on the new jeans and get the opinion of your friends? Well that is just what Diesel Jeans is doing in Spain as their current “Be Stupid” campaign.

This is “free” marketing via social media for Diesel. Since everyone that you are connected to on Facebook may see your post, they may also want a pair of those jeans. Then again, does it make us peeping toms to look at people in dressing rooms – even if we’re “friends” with them online?  What if you forget to “push the red button” before changing back into your clothes or the person that was in there before you forgots and the video continues to stream live?  It is a little scary; then again this could be the future of shopping – where every detail of one’s life is made available for viewing (dis)pleasure.

And Diesel isn’t the only brand to put social media connectivity to “good” use. As a huge fan of HBO’s hit vampire series True Blood, whose new season premiered last night, I was intrigued that the newly released second season Blu-ray has a social networking feature. If you are a fan of True Blood then you know the huge presence it has on social media along with the vast marketing strategies of HBO, making fan engagement remarkable. The delightfully fresh (and very HBO on-brand) feel of the whole series was cemented by quirky PR that was infinitely quotable, with taglines like “Thou Shalt not Crave Thy Neighbour” or “It Hurts So Good”?

“HBO’s True Blood is number one in cable and making its debut to the top 25 primetime performers list at number 18, benefitting from fan advocacy and involvement,” according to the Optimedia U.S. Content Power Ratings 3.0

The True Blood live feed that is build into the Blu-ray disc edition gives the viewer the ability to send automatic updates to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. This feature has been described as the most extensive Facebook linking feature in Blu-ray so far, sending updates as you watch the episodes. Additionally, while watching the series, viewers can decide which “True Blood” group they wish to join: Vampire, Fellowship of the Sun, and Follower of Dionysus.

The viewing experience is then customized to that group; for the real “trubies,” they can use a picture and transform it based on the True Blood group selected. For those that choose Vampire, the more they watch, the more pale (and bloody) the picture gets.

“For True Blood, we have such engaged and passionate fans that we really wanted to provide them with a way to extend the fiction beyond what they see in the show,” says HBO’s Sofia Chang, “and share that passion with their friends.”

True Blood has such loyal and engaged fans in the social media arena; this is a great ploy for social media marketing.  In reality though, do most of us feel comfortable letting our friends, family, and colleagues know our true obsessions? I am not sure I would want people that I work with and network with on a professional level, seeing that I watched episode one of True Blood six times over the weekend. I do see the appeal to the ‘trubies” that want everyone to see they are the most devoted True Blood fan HBO has ever had in an effort to maybe win a guest spot on the show or free gifts.  But will it become nauseating to see all of your True Blood fanatic friends cluttering your feed to let you know they all “came out of the coffin” to watch episode one?”

HBO and Diesel have differentiated themselves when it comes to social media marketing. For better or worse, they have used social media as a way of maintaining constant fan engagement and brand awareness. Have you had a chance to try out any social media features on Blu-ray releases yet? Do you think these marketing strategies are innovative or TMI?  How are you using social media to maintain engagement? Share your thoughts with BurrellesLuce and Fresh Idea readers.


*Bio: After graduating from East Carolina University with a Marketing degree in 2005, Crystal DeGoede moved to New Jersey. In her four years as a member of the BurrellesLuce marketing team and through her interaction with peers and clients she has learned what is important or what it takes to develop a career when you are just starting out. She is passionate about continuing to learn about the industry in which we serve and about her career path. By engaging readers on Fresh Ideas Crystal hopes to further develop her social media skills and inspire other “millennials” who are just out of college and/or working in the field of marketing and public relations. Twitter: @cldegoede LinkedIn: Crystal DeGoede Facebook: BurrellesLuce