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A Holistic Media Measurement Program Can Secure Your PR Position

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Why are Arizona legislators investigating a new tripod based photo radar camera? Supporters of the program will tell you it’s because these cameras help enforce the law and make our streets safer. Skeptics will tell you it’s all about the financial gains, an estimated $165 million for 2008, generated by the statewide system. I believe it’s a combination of both. Let’s face it, states just like many businesses are struggling in this economy and it’s good business to look for revenue opportunities. There are many facets to this story, but one particular quote from Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard’s struck me: “Public safety and common sense require that reckless speeders be held accountable before a criminal judge and not be allowed to turn our highways into ‘pay to race’ mayhem scenes.” After hearing about the growing number of citations issued for drivers exceeding 100 mph my support of the program is growing. I myself occasionally feel the “need for speed”, but I fight that urge to avoid unnecessary risk to myself or my fellow Arizonans. Truth: the growing camera population influences my decision as well.

A holistic media measurement program can help you avoid a PR highway of mayhem. If you implement your own “photo radar” system of your department to evaluate your spokesperson effectiveness, key message saturation and prominence you can leverage your measurement efforts for other business purposes. The reality is if you don’t police your efforts you are subject to the parameters set upon you by others (impressions and AVE) versus metrics you can influence with your PR skills. Whether you are starting a program or supplementing a current quantitative program with qualitative metrics you need to self-police your initiatives now more than ever.

The photo radar system has reduced fatalities by 50 percent in Arizona. Comprehensive strategic measurement efforts have the potential to save you and fellow practitioners in the event that lay-off talks occur in your department.

No matter what your source for media monitoring (i.e. BurrellesLuce, Google or Yahoo) you must develop a plan to apply measurement to your coverage. Just as only having one approach to law enforcement will not catch all traffic violators – no one approach to media measurement will provide a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of your efforts.