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BurrellesLuce WorkFlow: Improving the way you capture, measure, and connect with The Media

Monday, November 19th, 2012

BurrellesLuce WorkFlow: Improving the way you capture, measure, and connect with The MediaBurrellesLuce Product Demonstration

When: Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time: 1pm ET

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Want to save time and work efficiently while delivering maximum results for your organization? Whether you are new to BurrellesLuce WorkFlow™ or you are a long-term client, you’ll want to join this webinar to ensure you are leveraging all the features and benefits our software offers.

Join Anthony Baker, director of portal operations at BurrellesLuce for this instructional product demonstration, “BurrellesLuce WorkFlow: Improving the way you capture, measure and connect with The Media.”

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During this live product demonstration you will:

  • Get tips to effectively manage your coverage with the most comprehensive print, online, broadcast and social media monitoring available, including setting up Projects and Auto-tagging.
  • Discover how to create Quick Reports and establish on-going Email Alerts and distribution lists.
  • Learn best practices for reporting on projects and campaigns using the WorkFlow™ reporting module, including how to create and distribute automated Executive Summaries, Detailed Reports, and Clipbooks.
  • Uncover exciting new features, such as the ability to create and save article searches within Media Content.

And more…

Space is limited. Sign up now for this free product webinar, “BurrellesLuce WorkFlow: Improving the way you capture, measure and connect with The Media.” If we are unable to accept your registration, an on-demand presentation will be available for review after the event by contacting your account manager.

HMA Public Relations: A Tip for Tuesday- Plan an Awesome Event

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

This post first appeared on HMA Public Relations blog 9.18.12 by Katie Snyder and is cross-posted with permission.

Events- groundbreakings, grand openings, festivals, fiestas…. while we all can agree we enjoy attending events, we don’t often think about what it takes to create an event. From creating a budget to deciding a theme and venue, events are notoriously difficult to plan and produce

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a webinar taught by none other than Abbie S. Fink, the queen of event planning.

How do I know this? Well, not only was I a student of Abbie’s in one of her online event classes but I also happen to know Abbie started her career in the events industry which made her the perfect person to teach the tips and tricks for planning events.

In the webinar hosted by BurrellesLuce (can be downloaded here) and moderated by Johna Burke, Abbie gave great insight on ways for PR professionals to use their communications tools to effectively promote events on all levels.

So here, take a tip or two from her webinar:

  • Develop a PR plan that defines measurable goals and objectives
  • Choose an event that meets your needs as an organization
  • Create a timeline with basic tasks and tactics for accomplishing goals and objectives
  • Relationships are key to the success of your event. Make sure to work with the right individuals to help accomplish goals and reach your target audience.
  • Team up with the media and establish partnerships to run promotions prior to event.
  • Create a budget which includes soft costs, trades and sponsorships.
  • Build a team of volunteers and others you can count on to help create your vision for the event
  • Evaluate the success/effectiveness of event
  • Thank those involved.

Events are an important aspect of any business. Whether a company party or creating a community get-together, it’s a great way to generate excitement and enthusiasm about your company, grow a business and strengthen the relationships between employees, clients and the community.

PR Tips for Dealing With Digital Journalism from Community Service Public Relations Council

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Flickr Image: atriumIn St. Louis, three web managers/editors from local TV, radio and print media outlets discussed how to create web- and social-friendly content. At this Community Service Public Relations Council (CSPRC) luncheon, the media panelists explained what kind of information they sought for their websites, how they integrated social media, and how nonprofits (and others) could best work with them.

The panelists were:

  • Kelsey Proud, web producer, St. Louis Public Radio, 90.7 KWMU, University of Missouri St. Louis
  • Jill Hampton, web producer, My Neighborhood St. Louis,,,
  • Greg Jonsson, breaking news editor at / the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

After a brief introduction, the panelists talked about how journalism has changed in this digital world, and how public relations professionals could help make their jobs easier.

In the early digital days, there was insistence (in broadcast media) that they must break the news on-air first. That notion is gone. Today, breaking news happens online, followed by a more in-depth vetted story on-air. 

The biggest change of all is that content is now shared across the various platforms. Radio is no longer just audio, TV is no longer just video and, of course, newspapers / magazines are no longer just print.  I like the line one TV station GM used a while back about no longer being a TV station “but rather we are a local news organization that is platform agnostic.”

Some of the panelists’ tips that I found noteworthy for PR pros:

  • Everything needs to be interactive to get the best user experience.
  • Every journalist is now a ‘one-man-band.” For example, radio reporters are learning how to utilize images and/or video to get better exposure.
  • Press releases are still the number one way to share a story with them. Kelsey says, “No matter how much we complain, we ARE grateful for press releases.”
  • Even though they just stated that content is cross-platform shared, a good TV story still needs to be very visual.  Even for radio, online is visual so include image(s).
  • Your press release should point to the organization’s online newsroom for background information and additional details. NOTE:  Keep the online newsroom up-to-date! Jill said her pet peeve is “getting a release, going to the website only to find the last press release was posted over a year ago.”
  • Include links to organization, event, social media profiles, and images.
  • Do NOT include cute graphics, or attach Word documents or hi-res images.  Most won’t open them, and sometimes their email system strips them out so they’ll never see them anyway.  Instead, provide links to your online photo gallery—low res images are just fine for the web. 
  • Keep the information straight-forward. Greg says they have no time for “flowery language.”
  • Finally, yes, it’s okay to alert a journalist to a story via Twitter—just not incessantly.

While none of this advice is revolutionary, I believe it’s important to periodically hear it “from the horse’s mouth.”

PR pros, please share any feedback you’ve received from members of the media. Or, if you are a journalist, please share how your job has changed in the digital era, and what we, as PR pros, can do to make it easier.

What is “SoLoMo” and Why It Matters

Friday, June 1st, 2012

SoLoMo is short for Social-Local-Mobile, referring to the amalgamation of social, local and mobile. It represents the growing trend of targeting consumers based on their current location and is typically designed to be shared via social social local

According to a presentation by Casey Knox at AREA203 Digital, businesses with 100 or more social media fans see an eight percent higher click-through rate and 125 percent higher conversion rates. Her presentation states that one in five searches has local intent and 80 percent of mobile internet users prefer ads locally relevant to them. She also states that 70 percent of all mobile searches result in action within one hour.  Those are some pretty power statistics.

If you’re still not convinced that you need to pay attention to the growing SoLoMo trend, a mobile commerce study performed by BIA/Kelsey indicates, by the year 2015, local search volume via smartphones and tablets will have exceeded that from desktops.  Personally, I’m not sure it will take that long.

In fact, Nielsen and NM Incite published an infographic entitled, “The Most Valuable Digital Customers,” last Fall that shows consumers’ social, local and mobile consumption habits and how these interrelate. Some statistics to note:

  • 66 percent of smartphone users say they access social media from somewhere other than home—at work, in the car, in airports, etc.
  • 38 percent of connected device owners looked up product info for an ad while watching TV on their smartphone or tablet.
  • 62 percent of U.S. adults online used their TV and internet at the same time.
  • 51 percent of social media users say they were influenced by standard web ads on social media sites that show which of their friends liked or followed the advertised brand.
  • Nearly all mobile internet users visit portals.

In a Search Engine Watch post, Lisa Buyer states it well, “Fish where the fish are. Taking your social PR message to the market works best when you take the message to the mobile market.” She goes on to state, “Publicizing events, news, and promotions to the mobile market becomes increasingly important for online marketers and brands. The social revolution is driving a paradigm shift in technology use and online public relations and social media campaigns need to go with the SoLoMo flow.”

The Localeze/15miles fifth annual comScore Local Search Usage Study was recently released and indicates the SoLoMo revolution has begun. As reported by Bulldog Reporter, Jeff Beard, president of Localeze, states “Marketers have a unique, unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on reaching consumers at the right time and in the right forum…”

It seems that SoLoMo can help you bring ultra-precise targeting of your campaigns—allowing you to reach the right people at the right time with the right offer. How are you taking advantage of social-local-mobile for your brand?

In PR and the Media: April 17, 2012

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

A daily round-up of what’s trending in PR and the Media.

1. Hulu Plus hits 2 Million Subscribers, report says “Hulu Plus had about 1.5 million subscribers in January, and has been averaging about 1 million new subscribers each year. That figure appears to be on the rise.” (CNET)


2. Copyright conundrum in Oracle-Google case: Is a computer language fair game? “The final outcome of Oracle-Google trial will determine whether computer programming languages are subject to copyright law.” (CNET)


3. NYC Pressures Omnicom For Workplace Diversity “The city’s Office of the Comptroller has asked four holding companies — Omnicom, Interpublic Group, WPP and Publicis — to publicly disclose detailed submissions required by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to show just how diverse — or not — their workforces are.” (MediaPost)


4. U.S. Consumers Receptive to Social Media Appearing on Their TV Screens, According to Accenture Study “Social media is showing signs of connecting with TV viewers as nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of U.S. consumers surveyed recall seeing social media symbols such as Facebook “Likes” while watching television, according to an Accenture study.” (MarketWatch)


5. NAB: Adobe Study Shows High Online Ad Engagement “Completion rates for mid-roll online ads climb to 87% in second half of 2011.” (Broadcast and Cable)