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Crisis Communications in a Social Media World

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

wwpr-logoSome see social media as helping to create communications crisis situations. But effectively using it to get your messages out ahead of the story is the key to surviving a media maelstrom or crisis; this was the focus of a Washington Women in Public Relations (WWPR) panel on May 26. The panelists included:

Raj Aggarwal, president, PROVOC
Greg Kihlström, CEO, Carousel30
John Hellerman, partner and co-Founder, Hellerman Baretz Communications
Roz Lemieux, partner, Fission Strategy
Derede McAlpin, vice president, Levick Communications

Moderator: Rachel Henderson, account director, Public Affairs Group, Ogilvy PR

Monitoring The Media for mentions of your company or client and competitors allows you to have an early warning system, says McAlpin. If you start to see a lot of stories or posts coming in, there may be a problem. Lemieux added having a good relationship with your online community and constituents will help any organization to be a step-ahead of a crisis.

The panel offered several tips for social media crisis communications:


10 Tips for Developing Relationships With The Media

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Developing relations with the mediaHaving just returned from Bulldog Reporter’s Media Relations Summit in New York, this seemed an appropriate topic for today’s blog post.  

Sessions I attended included those with PR “masters” and members of the media where they talked about developing relationships, as well as pitching the media. Interestingly, the responses and advice seemed to depend on who was speaking and whether they came from a PR agency, a Fortune 500 company, or were members of the media, in addition to the kind of media targeted. 

One of the sessions, that I tweeted live from, offered a panel including Verizon’s media spokesman, Bill Kula, APR, Jane Mazur from Ogilvy PR, Sandra Sokoloff of Porter Novelli, and Bruce Zanca with Bankrate.

The following are ten of the key points for developing long-term relationships with the media:

  1. Listen, learn, understand and follow a reporter’s coverage
  2. Think like a journalist – understand and anticipate
  3. Act with integrity, honesty, and respect
  4. NEVER lie nor “wing it”
  5. Offer exclusives, if appropriate, and whenever possible
  6. Establish trust while stealthily “stirring the pot” of your competitors
  7. Stay on top of breaking news so you may carve out a niche for your client
  8. Know who else journalists are talking with
  9. Help new beat reporters understand your business and provide them with information not available elsewhere, and connect them with third-party sources
  10. Remain accessible and forthright; deliver well thought-out responses

This is by no means an all inclusive list – the actual seminar boasted nearly 10 times this many points. I’ve merely attempted to pare it down to a bite-sized nugget.  Are there important points I left out or that you would add?  I look forward to discussing!