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A Poetic Holiday Message From BurrellesLuce

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Poetic Holiday Message GIGO Goat BurrellesLuce

Everyone at BurrellesLuce loved curated content a lot,

But GIGO Goat at Goat Inc. thought he did not.

GIGO Goat hated quality! The whole curating scene!

Garbage In, Garbage Out was his professional mien.

It could be he thought the GIGO solution all right,

Or it could be his budget was three sizes too tight.

But I think the most likely reason of all

Was his frustration with content behind the paywall.

Though he stuck with Garbage In, Garbage Out as his scheme,

About BurrellesLuce WorkFlow he would secretly dream.

“Their content’s so relevant!” he lamented with a sneer.

“And their WorkFlow portal is intuitive and clear.”

Video clips of broadcasts just aired,

Online and print articles carefully prepared.

His GIGO content unlicensed, GIGO content just text,

He never met goals and felt totally perplexed.

One day down at good old Goat Inc.,

GIGO Goat, PR pro, on his hooves had to think.

There erupted a crisis of enormous magnitude

But many stories his GIGO solution would exclude.

So he called BurrellesLuce, in a huff of despair,

And immediately from GIGO solutions did he foreswear.

BurrellesLuce services, so comprehensive and bold,

Were surprisingly affordable, and he was consoled.

And what happened then? Well at Goat Inc. they say

That GIGO Goat’s performance improved ten-fold that day.

With a new strategy and overarching PR solution,

Goat Inc. created a new resolution:

Say “No” to GIGO, Garbage In, Garbage Out,

BurrellesLuce is the solution, beyond any doubt.

From us all at BurrellesLuce we wish you the best,

And that your holidays and New Year be most generously blessed.

May good health and cheer in your home overflow,

And in 2014, to GIGO, say “No.”