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Lunar Landing Anniversary = Great PR Opportunity

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

2768719983_962780aa36_m.jpgLike most people under 50, the first lunar landing is something I read about in history books or watched clips of on TV. At first glance, this week’s celebration of the 40th anniversary seemed to be an overkill of media coverage. But as I watched TV stories and YouTube videos, perused the special section in the Washington Post, and read tweets, I realized NASA may have created an award-winning PR campaign.

NASA is trying to reach younger people, who feel space travel is blasé. They also need funding and support for future missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. I was surprised how many stories relayed NASA’s key message: space missions are important to the advancement of science.

A. Pawlowski made this point in a article looking at the debate over space travel. A very fun sidebar in the print edition of the Washington Post highlighted many of the products developed because of the space program. Even Google Earth got into the act.

Peter Shankman of HARO was asked at a presentation at the National Institutes of Health which government agency is utilizing social media well? Not surprisingly, his answer was NASA.

I really cannot wait until all the coverage is reviewed and analyzed. I believe the communications teams at NASA pulled-off a great event, which advanced their purpose.

Have you used an anniversary to successfully drive home your key messages to new audiences? Myself (and the rest of us here at BurrellesLuce) would like to hear about your success stories.