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2012 Social Media Trends from IABC DC Metro

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Even though we know digital and online media continues to change, IABC/DC Metro started 2012 with a chapter meeting tackling the latest Social Media Trends.

The panelists included:

Emerging Social Media Trends
Each panelist brought different industry point-of-view to the discussion. Radick took government. Horowitz gave the agency perspective, Steigman reviewed the small business view and Dunham brought insight from publishing and the media.

  1. Government Use: Radick dispelled the myth that the government is behind the curve, but he did see them stalling in advances for 2012 because it is an election year.
  2.  Internal Communications: Radick also thinks there will be more enterprise 2.0 or social media behind the firewall to internal audiences.
  3. Integrated Efforts: Both Radick and Horowitz confirmed they see more integration into all lines of communications.
  4. Influencers: They felt the days of the “social media guru” are dying fast. Horowitz said it’s time to look for persuaders or influencers who can help persuade others to your thinking or agenda.
  5. Small Business: Steigman sees social media platforms as a reliable ecosystem and wonders how they can be used to make it easier to reach customers. She suggested reading Phil Simon’s The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business. She also feels it will be key for business to understand search and the data around it.  
  6. Digital Skills: Dunham is amazed by the use of tablets for tweeting, video, etc. Because many of his colleagues are not digitally inclined, he relies on interns to provide new ideas for using social media to drive more readers to their media properties.  

Social Media Best Practices for 2012
As with all social media discussions, some great best practices come out. Radick reminded us, “Don’t concentrate on social media tools, but concentrate on the principles behind them.

“When asked how to best measure social media, Horwoitz said, “You need to measure based on business goals, don’t measure on tactics.”  

For more helpful social media best practices, you can read Steigman’s highlights of the session on her blog.

What social media trends do you see for 2012? Please share them with the BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas readers.  

PR Camp – Delivering Strategies for Effective ROI and Achieving Success in Social Media Programs

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Valerie Simon

ist2_4185175-measuring-your-successI spent Friday at PR Camp™ , a highly interactive “unconference,” with PR and marketing professionals from the agency, non-profit, and corporate worlds. Attendees ranged in experience from Gen-Y students to seasoned industry leaders. But as we discussed the challenges and opportunities social media offers those in the field of communications, everyone had the chance to serve as both a student and a teacher.

One of my favorite sessions was Delivering Strategies for Effective ROI and Achieving Success in Social Media Programs, a small group discussion led by PR Camp Counselor Janine Gianfredi, marketing manager, Google, Throughout the day, the importance of implementing a measurement program for social media efforts was emphasized, but this session helped to dissect the challenges of social media measurement.

Our group got off to a strong start, agreeing that the first steps include,

  • Defining the goals of your social media program
  • Making sure that those goals are tied to quantifiable business objectives
  • Understanding the challenges and goals of sales, service, product development, etc., and the impact your programs can have on each
  • Listening carefully to the current conversations so that you can develop a baseline.

Janine explained how her team found that measurement goals fell into two very different categories: conversion and engagement. While conversion goals are generally easy to quantify, engagement goals prove far more elusive. How do you measure the loyalty or enthusiasm of your fans, friends, followers, or subscribers? Do you have those brand evangelists who will share your story? In the event of a crisis, will your community support you? How do you measure the goodwill you are building?

Our group understood that is important to go beyond simply measuring the numbers of fans, followers and such. You must be able to filter through all of the irrelevant “noise” and look at comments, retweets, sentiment, demographics and more. David Berkowitz, senior director of emerging media and innovation at 360i, and another of the counselors for PR Camp, recently wrote a great post on 100 Ways to Measure Social Media.

The composition of our group, which include those from agencies, publishing, technology, healthcare, nonprofits and travel made it extremely apparent that there is no simple “one size fits all” solution to measuring ROI. (more…)