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BurrellesLuce Newsletter: Private vs. Public Conversations Measurement in the Digital World

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Examining graphs with other people on background

Over the years PR and marketing practitioners have sought to develop a holistic measurement program, one that combines quantitative and qualitative metrics, to not only prove the success of their overall communications strategy, but also as a way to understand the conversations taking place publicly and privately.

Business has its own set of metrics in relation to driving the bottom line and companies cannot report on tweets, comments, direct messages, etc. Rather, they must report on the number of conversions, leads, and closes. For public relations and marketing professionals it is essential that they translate both public and private conversations into the language of the C-suite — ultimately helping to show added value to the organization… Read more of the BurrellesLuce newsletter, “Private vs. Public Conversations: Measurement in the Digital World.”