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How to Maintain Client Satisfaction – Webinar Recap

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Scott Cytron Formal 2011Last week BurrellesLuce had the pleasure of presenting a webinar with Scott H. Cytron, ABC, president Cytron and Company, on How to Maintain Client Satisfaction. Click here to view the recording of the presentation or download the slides at your convenience.

In today’s economy retaining a client or customer is not only easier than finding a new one, it also costs less in time and resources. Yet, organizations may need a boost to determine what their customers need in order to nurture and solidify this very important long-term relationship and continue to provide value that bolsters the bottom line.

Most PR, marketing, and communications, professionals know that engaging with clients is key to measuring satisfaction. However, many struggle with asking the right questions and fostering the relationship.

Here are just some of the takeaways from Scott Cytron’s presentation:

  • 3-step rule to happy clients: Trust + Loyalty + Referrals.
  • Put yourself in front of the client, ideally in person if possible.
  • Pick up the phone. When was the last time you called?
  •  Know what you’re going to ask the client.

The results of your conversation should provide you with some concrete feedback. Ideally, the best result would be “no surprises.” However, “good feedback” is always great too. If the client gives you “not-so-good feedback,” see it as an opportunity to dig deeper. Scott reminds us that “All hope is not lost” and to “turn negatives into positives and call in the Calvary.”

Depending on your organization, clients, and goals – surveys may be another way to gain client feedback. There is no one-size-fits-all survey, but Scott provides some pointers to increase success, including keeping it short, making it available online, and setting a return deadline. Whatever feedback you gain from the survey, it is important to use the results in a positive way and not just forget about them.

Scott offers other insights during the webinar. Click here to download the recording of the presentation or download the slides at your convenience.


Scott Cytron, ABC, is a frequent speaker on growth strategies and organizational communications, including using social media for business building and retention. He is president of Cytron and Company, a consultancy specializing in public relations, marketing, and communications activities for clients in professional services (accounting, healthcare, financial planning, legal) and B2B product/services.

Using Social Media to Find and Hire The Right PR Talent

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Valerie Simon

An article in US News and World Report earlier this month offered some bright news for the PR industry: “Employment of public-relations specialists is expected to increase by more than 66,000 jobs, or 24 percent, between 2008 and 2018, according to the Labor Department.”

But before we break out the champagne and begin celebrating, organizations must pause and pay serious attention to the tremendous impact individual hires have on the organization; after all, PR is a service and a relationship-based business. PR agencies, such as Coyne PR and Ketchum, understand the critical role their people play in assuring client satisfaction, retention, growth. Consider this:

Coyne Public Relations –  “Our mission is not to be the best agency in America, but the best one to work for. If we are the best place to work, we will get the best people. If we have the best people, we will get the best clients. If we have the best people and clients, how can we not be the best agency in America?”

Ketchum’s Ray Kotcher: “But awards only tell part of the story. What truly makes a difference is our people. Ketchum people aren’t standard PR agency ‘types.’ They are uncommonly curious, smart, and passionate about what they do, and they are the reason for Ketchum’s 80-plus years of success.”

As the economy continues to rebound and employers continue to strive to find ways to connect with future employees, social networking offers those looking to hire an opportunity to get to know potential hires in new and meaningful ways. When Arik Hanson and I founded #HAPPO, earlier this year, our goal was to use social media to leverage our relationships to help those seeking jobs in the PR industry make new connections.  As we approached our December 8th event however, I found an increasing number of employers approaching me, hoping #HAPPO could help them to identify the PR talent their organization needed.

Can a social networking event such as #HAPPO really help connect employers with future employees? While there have been an impressive number of #HAPPO mentions in social media (nearly 30,000 since the effort began February 2010), measuring the effect on outcomes is always preferable to measuring outputs. While it is a challenge to quantify the number of new relationships that have emerged as a result of the effort, we do know that earlier #HAPPO events have resulted in at least five new jobs, including the newest #HAPPO Champion Katie Wall.

As Craig Alerowitz, EVP at Lippe Taylor PR tweeted at the start the most recent event, “I found my last employee through #HAPPO (and she’s terrific)… so just know that it works all.”

Here is a sampling of the tweets from employers who participated as well:

lanes0220: RT @SteveSeeman: #PRjobs @Makovsky is seeking #Health #PR AEs – 6-18 months exp! DM me for info or email #HAPPO

MBoothPR: We are hiring for a number of levels and practice areas! Please send resumes & cover letters to jobs at mbooth dot com

dialogopr: We are hiring #PR Account Exec’s. email

RuderFinn: Check here for open positions at our agency

englishyoung: GolinHarris is looking for a SAE and VP in Arlington VA:

It is clear that the talents of skilled communications professionals are in demand. And if the US News and World Report is right – there will only be more to come. So, how are you using social media to connect with and build relationships? Have you had success using social media to drive awareness of a campaign or cause? Tell us how. What direction do you see PR, marketing, and social media going in for 2011? Please share your thoughts with me and the readers of BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas.