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Using Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine for Visual Storytelling

Thursday, October 31st, 2013
Using Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine for Visual Storytelling BurrellesLuceby Alfred Cox*

No matter your brand’s industry, you can still leverage the marketing power of visual social media platforms like Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. Visual storytelling is applicable to every kind of organization, and at the Digital PR Summit in October, three panelists shared their strategies to spot opportunities for visual storytelling, as well as create campaigns, tell your brand’s story, and be inspirational in order to drive views back to your brand page.

The three panelists were:

Amanda Junker, digital director at Shape Magazine

Allison Robins, director of global public relations for Zumba Fitness

Doug Simon, president and CEO of D S Simon Productions

For Junker, using these platforms is all about engaging with your fans and fostering community. She says that Pinterest is central to their digital strategy, which Shape uses to both tell the brand story and increase site traffic. In one promotion, for users to participate in a contest, they had to follow Shape on Pinterest and pin one promotional item to their personal boards. According to Junker, it was red hot, with 2.9 million social impressions, 3,900 entrants, and 11,000 new followers.

Robins of Zumba recommends promotional partnerships; one particularly successful partnership for Zumba was with Billboard, which Robins says was great to promote the fitness method as well as the stars participating. She also advocates for live-Tweeting events for maximum exposure. For brands working with a PR agency, Robins stresses that the agency must get your story out on all social media platforms; diversifying social media usage and maximizing audience contact is key to growing an substantial fan base.

Visual must come first, advises Simon, who stressed that visuals are more important to users than ever before. When it comes to video, he surveys web influencers to determine how they are using video, and advises PR pros learn how to create content and video for Instagram. He also converts broadcast video from media promotion tours into Instagram-compatible video, with the added benefit that the video is high quality. He also emphasizes that production value isn’t limited to visuals alone; the audio must also be excellent, and the overall production value must equal the brand.

How does your organization use visual and video social media to tell its story?


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