How to Enhance Online Video with Live Streaming and SEO – Lessons from PRSA-NY

November 17th, 2011

Alfred Cox*

My last few BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas posts have focused on integrating online video into your public relations campaign and creating, marketing, and measuring online video in PR. Both were inspired by a recent PRSA-NY panel. For this post, the third and final in the series, I thought we could discuss how to enhance online video with live streaming and SEO, as taken from the panel.

The event featured presentations from Joe D’Amico, PopTent; Jake Finkelstein, Method Savvy; Jonah Minton, Ustream; Mark Rotblat, TubeMogul; Eric Wright, DS Simon; Jim Sulley, newscast US; and Larry Thomas, Latergy.

It was followed by a roundtable Q&A moderated by Jason Winocour, social and digital media practice leader at Hunter Public Relations.

Recipe for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Marketing and communications professionals often talk about the need for engagement and the desire for their videos to go viral. Who wouldn’t want millions of people viewing their videos and spreading them across the web seemingly overnight?

While it’s not impossible to fulfill that goal, the success of a video is quite relative. It won’t matter how great or potentially “viral” your video is, if no one can find it online…

Jack Finkelstein, president of Method Savvy, had these tips to share on effective SEO and improving the searchable quality of your video:

  • 180 Million Americans watch online video each month.
  • Content must be clear not blurry.
  • From a technical perspective, include keywords in file name as this adds value to SEO.
  • For video titles, put the keywords you want to own early in the title.
  • Include a description of the video. Put the URL first or include the link early-on in the summary.
  • Use relevant tags to increase discoverability.

Live Streaming
Live streaming (not to be confused with life streaming) is necessary for high-level social engagements across multi-platforms, including mobile, tablets, apps and internet protocol television (IPTV), confirms Jonah Minton, VP of sales, Ustream, Inc.

Minton suggested the following tips for increasing the effectiveness of your video efforts via live streaming: 

  • Distribute events through mobile web.
  • Keep it RAW.
  • Utilize multi-bit encoding devices.
  • Plan ahead for “production problems.”
  • Be realistic about your budget. Get quotes and budget in advance.
  • Engage users (before, during and after) the event. Be social; engage all social outlets.
  • Provide video on-demand.
  • Reach out to content users via your PR team.
  • Stream live video from a press conference or corporate event to convey your story visually.

One in every thirteen people on earth is an active Facebook users (500m+) and 35+ year olds making up over 30 percent of users, with 55+ year olds becoming the fastest growing demographic – why aren’t more organizations using live streaming of events to reach their audiences?

How are you using live streaming and SEO to optimize your video PR?


Bio: Alfred Cox is a rare commodity of a performer who combines a relentless drive to succeed with the ability to provide “first-person” touch to his clients, creating loyalty and repeat business. He has a hard-nosed work ethic in a results- driven environment and he is often called the “Network King.” Alfred has been in the PR industry for the past 18+ years and joined the BurrellesLuce team in 2011. Connect with him on Twitter: @shantikcox Facebook:  BurrellesLuce LinkedIn: Alfred Cox








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