Evaluating Your Communications Program: Business Objectives, Measurement Goals, and You.

March 10th, 2011
Measuring Results

February 2011

Over the years, PR and marketing practitioners have sought to develop a holistic measurement program, one that combines both qualitative and quantitative metrics. Holistic measurement serves two aims: documenting the success of communications activities, and helping achieve a practical understanding of the conversations taking place and the activities resulting from outreach efforts.

But, even with all the reporting tools that are designed to help PR and communications professionals make sense of their media-relations results, many practitioners seek guidance on designing a program with the attributes most relevant to their specific business.

So, what are the best ways to demonstrate success with The Media and to document for clients or top management the return on investment of a media relations program? Check out the most recent BurrellesLuce newsletter, “Evaluating Your Communications Program: Business Objectives, Measurement Goals, and You” to learn:

  • Why business objectives are key to outlining measurement goals.
  • How to identify essential qualitative and quantitative metrics.
  • Questions to ask yourself as you travel down the road of media measurement.

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