BurrellesLuce Newsletter: Using Mobile Apps to Connect With Your Audiences

November 19th, 2010

Using Mobile Apps to Connect With Your AudiencesPR 3.0 is here. We’ve reached a point in media relations history where content may be king, but it is the people (aka audiences) who actually rule.

In this new era, it’s no longer enough to capture eyeballs or count page views. Instead, communications professionals must up their storytelling game to produce consumer-centered content and provide nearly instantaneous access to the information that consumers and other stakeholders desire.

The Rise of Mobile Apps
A recent Pew study on the rise of app culture in the U.S. finds that 82 percent of adults use cell phones and that 23 percent of adults have only a cell phone and no land line. This figure is likely to rise as the public becomes more tech-savvy and mobile-oriented.

When it comes to mobile activities, individuals often use their mobile devices for more than standard calling and text messaging. The same Pew study reveals that 59 percent of adults are now mobile Internet users. In other words, they access the Internet wirelessly via a laptop or cell phone. In fact, mobile-search users are 60 percent more likely (than consumers who don’t search with a specific business in mind) to search for local businesses on their mobile device. The reason, notes this Media Post article, is “because they are already outside the home looking for a nearby business to fill a need.”

There appears to be significant potential for marketing and PR practitioners to reach and influence this growing segment of the population, especially mobile app users who make purchases online. According to the Pew study, 75 percent of mobile app users use an app to buy a product online, compared with 66 percent of all Internet users. It is thought, as quoted in this GigaOm article, that “in-app purchases now represent about 30 percent of all iPhone App Store revenue.”

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