Social Media and Traditional Media Working Together

October 25th, 2010
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Social media and traditional media coverage can work together to give you great media coverage and business results. At the Powering Progress: 2010 PRSA International Conference in Washington, DC last week, Michael McDougall, Bausch & Lomb, Catherine Dunkin, The Standing Partnership and Nicole Ravlin, PMG Relations, presented case studies and personal experiences backing this statement.

Example 1: The lively interactive hour included several examples and ideas for gaining coverage for clients. A recent well-known example is the Old Spice campaign, where Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice pitchman, answers Twitter and Facebook questions via videos. The videos were timely and funny, and lead to huge amounts of mainstream media coverage.

Example 2: Many people were shocked last year, when Pepsi announced they would not advertise during the Super Bowl. Instead, they agreed to donate the money to charities, and the public could nominate and vote on where the money should go.  The Pepsi Refresh Project garnered Pepsi massive coverage via social media buzz, which lead to mainstream media coverage.

Example 3: Vermont maple syrup and bacon seller Dakin Farm has been able to trace the ROI to their social media posts. They started with a blog and then moved to video. Recorded with a Flip camera, the videos on their YouTube channel and their blog have significantly increased bacon sales. Ravlin suggested using these kinds of videos to show the broadcast media producers the camera-readiness of your spokesperson.

Example 4: As I’ve discussed previously on the BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas blog, incorporating geo-location social media into a campaign is new and a struggle for some organizations. But Boloco, a regional burrito restaurant chain, successfully used Foursquare to drive business and gain print and broadcast coverage. Each location’s “mayor” was given a VIP card good for prizes. If a new mayorship is awarded, Boloco invited both the incoming and outgoing mayors to lunch for handing over the VIP card. The promotion drew the attention of local newspapers and TV stations, which lead to increased traffic and sales.

Boloco’s CEO John Pepper blogs tweets for the company and responds personally to customers on Twitter. PMG Relations often refers reporters to his blog to get an idea of his personality and philosophy. The panelists commented on the importance of getting executive buy-in for any successful social media campaign.

How are you using social media to help you drive coverage in mainstream media? Do you have any suggestions or tips?

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  2. Debbie,

    Thanks for attending the session! We had a lot of fun presenting the quick case studies.

    Just to clarify one point, Boloco CEO John Pepper does not have a blog – but started and is often the one tweeting from the company Twitter account ( Because of his (and the entire Boloco marketing teams) desire to engage directly with the customer, he has been able to win new customers as well as retain customers. If you check their feed you will see that it is full of whimsy and great, staright forward customer service. All of this has helped PMG pitch Boloco as not only an amazing restaurant – but Pepper as a great example of how CEOs are using social media to leverage their own brands.

    Thanks for the post!

    Nicole Ravlin
    PMG Public Relations

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  4. Debbie Friez says:

    Hi, Nicole,

    I appreciate the clarification and thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. The presentation was very inspiring and I hope the BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas readers are able to use some of the examples to help their campaigns succeed.


  5. Worob says:

    I personally love the Social Good campaigns that companies do and it’s one of the things I’m stressing more and more with clients. Media coverage + helping a charity = success

    PR at Sunrise –

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