When PR Experts Emerge As Tastemakers…

June 15th, 2010

Valerie Simon

Last Friday I attended PRSA T3 conference and as promised, I wanted to share a glimpse of my experience with you. The incredible line-up put together by conference co-chairs, Rich Teplitsky PRSA Technology section chair and my #PRStudChat partner, 2.0 expert and author Deirdre Breakenridge, offered a full day of lively sessions,  including an intriguing session by Christine Perkett, President of PerkettPR, on “Driving your own influence: PR experts as influencers.”  Here are some of the key tips and takeaways from Christine’s presentation, provided by Heather Mosley of PerkettPR.

In the field of public relations, as within any other industry, “stars” emerge. Those who offer value and receive exposure gain attention. And while in the field of PR it is usually our clients who take center stage, Christine’s presentation highlighted tastemakers such as fashion PR maven Kelly Cutrone and social media experts such as Brian Solis who have become influencers in their own right. She encouraged those seeking to become influencers to share; write a book, offer quotes for a book, blog and tweet. Christine also cautioned that while sharing and participating in social media is essential, equally important is the need to offer value. Consider everything you put out there especially in writing, and what value it offers to others.

Following the session, Christine shared a few thoughts with me for young PR practitioners who seek to become influencers.

So here is my question to BurrellesLuce readers: What are your thoughts on PR experts as influencers? Is it the role of the PR practitioner to stay behind the brand, or do those PR influencers who are able to emerge as veritable tastemakers offer an added value to both clients and their community?

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  2. Valerie – it was great to meet you. Thanks for everything!


  3. Yep. Because what the world needs right now is another social media book with no real concrete examples or case studies, but more as a mouthpiece for an “expert” that can’t point to any clients or work.

    Go personal branding go!!

    As for Kelly Cutrone, it’s her client work that speaks for her moreso than the TV show. Many publicists are that way, and usually their websites are … just their phone numbers.

  4. Great to meet you too, Christine!

    Jeremy- While I agree that an “expert” without substance is of little value, what I took away from Christine’s session was just that… that the secret to becoming a true influencer is sharing information that is of real value. I believe that we each have a personal brand. It does not have to be a large brand, but a reputation that is meaningful to the circle of those who know us. Social media expands that circle and I think it is imperative that those who participate are conscious of the messages they are sending and the brand that they are building. Interestingly, Christine and I chatted just after this post, discussing the need for further discussion what it means/how to better define and focus on real value in what you share. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. Hey Jeremy,

    Hard to give case studies in a two second video but as Valerie said, as soon as I saw myself in this video, I said to her that I thought I needed to follow this up with concrete examples. See my Tweet stating so (not just in reaction to your comment here):


    @ValerieSimon thanks for the video! I feel I owe a follow up blog post to give examples of “value” to make that advice really worthwhile #pr

    So I agree. And we’ve got plenty of case studies – appropriate to share in the right circumstances.


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