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March 9th, 2009

free-clipart.jpgI was reading a recent blog post by @journalistics headlined “60+ Free Press Release Distribution Services…Really?” It caught my eye because I’ve recently read several other posts with link after link to these “free” services and thought the same thing – “Really?!” 

In this economy, companies are cutting back and may think that they can cut the PR budget (City of Chicago comes to mind) but is this really feasible? I understand the allure of these sites, but buyer beware – some of these free services hard-sell paid upgrades. Don’t get me wrong, these sites definitely have some good points, like giving you or your client instant search engine visibility.  If that is your goal, then it’s probably a great choice; and, while your client may be happy with increased web visibility, the rest of us know there’s way more to it than that! Actually, some of our BurrellesLuce Media Contacts subscribers tell me that they occasionally use a variety of these in addition to their targeted media list distribution. 

As a matter of fact, in the blog post (referenced above), @journalistics states “…if you’re serious about using a press release as a media relations tool, use a proven distribution channel to get the word out. If the press release doesn’t merit distribution on a mainstream service, consider not sending the release out at all. You’ll do more harm than good by sending out PR spam.”

What do you think – should you use a proven distribution channel or just go for the freebies, or a combination thereof?


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