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With the shift to digital content, it’s easier than ever for people to use your publication’s content without permission. For you, this means time wasted chasing lost revenue and scofflaws. Can’t people just understand that your content is copyrighted and refrain from using it without permission? BurrellesLuce is your ally in this quest. Our content providers enjoy the following no-cost benefits:

Protect your content use

BurrellesLuce provides media monitoring services to public relations professionals, and we do so in a copyright compliant manner. Our clients pay a small “conscience” royalty for each article they use internally for media monitoring purposes. This is to remind them of your copyright. They are instructed to seek reprint rights from the publisher when they desire to use a clipping outside of limited internal use.

Educate PR professionals about copyright compliance

BurrellesLuce has launched a copyright compliance campaign to help PR professionals understand the value of your content and its legal use. A major marketing initiative, the campaign includes a whitepaper, news releases, speaking engagements, banner ads, and bylined articles. BurrellesLuce possesses a strong, credible voice that resonates within the PR industry.

Reinforce the value of your brand to advertisers

BurrellesLuce is uniquely positioned to help promote the relevance of your publication to today’s most influential corporate decision-makers. To understand why, you’ll need to know more about our clients and media monitoring services.

We accept assignments to read a specific list of print titles, as well as online and broadcast media, for specific topics defined by our clients. Besides the Fortune 1000, we service government entities, the entertainment industry and high-profile individuals who want to know the meaning of their media coverage.

Of most significance to you, potential advertisers see the logo of the media outlet — your brand. This is why major publishers and individual newspapers, including Advance Publications, Hearst Newspaper Group, Media News Group, McClatchy, Dow Jones, Associated Press and The New York Times, have signed license agreements
with us.



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