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The Value of Traditional and Online Media

Friday, November 28th, 2008

My friend Yvonne Pover was featured this week in the Washington Post Magazine, a supplement to the Washington Post. She commented on Facebook that she was surprised how many people still read the Washington Post. I was a bit taken aback. “Of course, I read the Post,” was my reply. Although I’m active in social media and sit in front of a computer screen most of the day, I still enjoy picking up the paper and scanning it for news and interesting articles. I also know I’m not alone, and I may be your audience.

That said, there is another audience, one who does receive most of their news online. ComScore did a study on who is consuming traditional versus online media, which can help you identify where your audience is getting their news.

When pitching to a publication, a majority of the time, we are still pitching the print edition reporter or editor, a fact emphasized at two recent media panels I attended. (The Community Media Workshop recently hosted a similar panel and its website offers tips on pitching.) Although newsrooms are changing, most publications do not distinguish between their reporting staffs.

Last week, I met with a client to discuss their media analysis service. They use the print circulation for an article in their reporting, unless it only runs online. I made the case for using both the web audience numbers and the print circulation, because they are different audiences and they often have vastly different readerships. The client appreciated the idea and planned to take it to management.

What’s the point of my rambling? Both print and Internet publications have value. How you value them depends on your client, product or campaign.