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All The News That’s Fit To…Tweet? Re-writing the New York Times Motto

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
Flickr Image: B.K. Dewey

Flickr Image: B.K. Dewey

Valerie Simon

Monday morning, as I sat down on the train headed to the Bulldog Reporter 2010 Media Relations Summit, I had trouble getting past the front page of The New York Times. No, it wasn’t the story about “online bullies” or the “G20 agreement to halve budget deficits,” but a part of its masthead: “All the news that’s fit to print.”  

I am bothered by the fact that the motto remains tied to a particular format, when in fact The New York Times Digital ranked 13th on the newly released comScore report of top 50 web properties. I enjoy reading The New York Times online via my BlackBerry, following @nytimes on Twitter and receiving its RSS feeds in my reader. I listen to podcasts and watch NY Times videos. The various formats and channels each offer a unique purpose and different advantage in storytelling.

When I arrived at the conference I paid particular attention to how other media organizations were evolving. During the first roundtable I moderated, Glenn Coleman, managing director, Crain’s New York Business, discussed the different methods of outreach and subscription types available to readers. Alongside the original print edition, there is a digital edition, several premium specialized newsletters, as well as free email alerts consisting of daily, weekly, industry and company email alerts delivering the day’s breaking business news.

Likewise, at my second roundtable, Joe Ciarallo, editor of PRNewser and manager of PR initiatives for, noted that the MediaBistro community receives content and information from a wide array of platforms. In addition to its original blog, MediaBistro reaches its audience using targeted blogs such as PR Newser, TV Newser, and Agency Spy, premium content, and opportunities for members,  live events and an active social media presence.

So what is the new standard of newsworthiness – the new goal of media organizations striving to be that essential trusted source of news?  During the conference Rand Morrison, executive producer, CBS News Sunday Morning, wisely remarked that, “Long is shorter than it used to be.” Perhaps an updated motto for The New York Times would be “All the news that’s fit to tweet.” But seriously, the motto should no longer focus on one particular format, but rather on consumption, discussion, or sharing. I’ll put it to you, the BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas community. What do you think would be a more appropriate motto for today’s New York Times?

PRSA Richmond, V.A. Chapter Event

Friday, November 20th, 2009

by Mike Robinson*

Tammy D. Hawley, press secretary to Richmond Va mayor Dwight JonesI attended the PRSA Richmond, Va chapter November program and luncheon on November 18th, which included a presentation by Tammy D. Hawley, press secretary for Richmond mayor Dwight Jones. Ms. Hawley discussed her background in public relations, the PR strategy of the Mayor’s office, the importance of strong leadership by the Mayor, and how this leadership has shaped their PR initiatives.

Ms. Hawley has a background as a public affairs generalist on Capitol Hill. After Capitol Hill, she leveraged her broad experience to operate her own PR consulting business for many years. Her recent position is her first step back into a role as a PR staff member, and she finds the job challenging (e.g., issues such as 30 million dollars in budget cuts and the politics of a new baseball team) and rewarding (e.g., winning public praise from journalists for her responsiveness).

She attributes her praise to her PR strategy of being proactive and a resource for the media. Her view: she is there to serve the public and will work hard to get the people and press the information they need to be successful. The PR tactics that her office uses include, an electronic newsletter, email, messages in public utility mailings, video on local TV channel 17, timely website postings, a phone number for formal complaints and feedback with a tracking system, and long-term plans to integrate social media (such as Twitter, Facebook ,and blogging) to reach a wider public audience in new and effective ways.

The Mayor has made her job that much easier because of his open leadership style. As many good leaders do, the Mayor consults with other Mayors of like-size cities to discuss ideas, problems, and solutions. His mission phrase is “Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration.” With a vision like this, communicating messages to the public is viewed as part of strategy of governance, not just a tactic to be used.

Ms. Hawley finished the talk with some personal stories and Q&A, most notably that her days have now thankfully leveled off a little after a very thrilling and time-consuming start to her new role as press secretary.

In your role public relations how are you working to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your publics and the media? How are you working to become more responsive? Please share your thoughts with the readers of BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas.

*Bio: Over the last 15 years, Mike Robinson has gained a lot of experience in business, sales, and marketing.  For the past eight years, he’s worked with BurrellesLuce out of its D.C. office,  advising businesses, organizations, and government agencies of all sizes on effective solutions for measuring press outreach, reputation management, and message analysis. He is passionate about news analysis, politics, and policy. And looks forward to sharing his thoughts and insights on the PR industry and media monitoring and measurement. LinkedIn: mikerobinson1 Twitter: @mike__robinson Facebook: BurrellesLuce