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PRSA 2010 Counselors Academy: Indra Gardiner, Bailey Gardiner Inc. Interviewed by Johna Burke

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Transcript –

JOHNA BURKE: Hello, everyone. This is Johna Burke with BurrellesLuce, and I’m here at the PRSA Counselors Academy with Indra.

Indra, will you please introduce yourself?

INDRA GARDINER: I’m Indra Gardiner from Bailey Gardiner in San Diego.

BURKE: Thanks so much for joining us. And you’re doing a session on incorporating digital into the agency and how you can turn that into revenue. Can you tell some of the people some of the success stories and some of the tips that you have to implement that?

GARDINER: We’ve spent the last couple of years growing our agency digitally and expanding our service offerings to our clients. And not only has it been helpful for them in terms of results, but it’s also allowed an opportunity for our employees to learn and grow and expand their skill set. So it’s been everything from learning SEO and then applying that to our social media as well as our web development side. So it’s been cross-purposed to things like email campaigns and how does email fit into social media and a public relations program? So it’s a–it’s a much broader way of thinking about public relations and the marketing skill set.

BURKE: Great. That’s super advice for anybody to be able to apply to their systems. And so where can people find you on the web and then in social media?

GARDINER: Our website is Our blog is and my Twitter handle is bgindra, I-N-D-R-A.

BURKE: Thank you so much.