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Comparison: What’s Missing from Your Web Content?

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
Flickr Image: Laura Burlton

Flickr Image: Laura Burlton

by Stephen Lawrence*
In previous postings, I’ve discussed the disparity between newspapers and their web equivalents.  We’ve learned that one-to-one equivalency rarely occurs and that loss of valuable content accompanies such instances when the digital doesn’t equal the print.  This posting covers some of those examples where printed photos don’t make it to the web.

First, I must note, that while we are supplying the URLs to the online articles, we are unable to reproduce the original printed pages for comparison and posting to Fresh Ideas due to copyright restrictions. (For a more in-depth discussion on copyright, check out this BurrellesLuce white paper.)

If you manage public relations for authors, restaurants or fashion clients I promise you’ll find these examples very interesting:

Book Reviews
One of my guilty pleasures, back in the days when I was a reader (that’s a “fancy” term for someone on our production team who searches for articles relevant to a clients reading instructions), was perusing the book review sections of various newspaper as I read them for our clients.  Shots of the book’s cover running alongside the printed article were always handy in capturing my attention and helped make finding the relevant material all the easier. 

When conducting some quality assurance recently, I was reminded of this and found a few examples where the print and online editions of book review images don’t match up: (more…)

PR Counseling for the Outburst Trifecta

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

iStock_StormI’ve been amazed at the amount of coverage given to the outburst trifecta – rapper Kanye West, tennis pro Serena Williams, and Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC).

 The Washington Post, Dallas Morning News,The View” were a few of the many outlets paying editorial homage to these stories. As I listen and read the many stories, I wonder, “What PR counsel would I give them?” I posed this question to social networks and friends.

The most common suggestion was to “simply keep quiet and let the media storm blow over.” Several PR counselors commented that “the West outburst may have been a media ploy,” which would change the response. Overwhelmingly, most felt this is not a good strategy.

 Peter Himler, principal, Flatiron Communications, says via Twitter, “Kanye needs media training. Too big of an ego? Didn’t he plan what he wanted to say before this appearance on Leno? Unlike A-list execs, A-list celebs often feel they’re above communications training. (Their handlers also don’t have temerity to prevail.)”

Lee Clouse, management and marketing operations, Creating Connections, writes, “A magnanimous gesture would help out all three by providing positive time in the limelight. Joe Wilson needs to get behind some bipartisan legislation to show that his country is more important than his party. Serena should do an interview talking about sports figures as role models that does not excuse bad behavior as “competitiveness.” She probably has the easiest road of the three. Kanye? Yikes–he just bullied America’s sweetheart. Probably the best thing he can do is blame it on alcohol and check into rehab. Introduce him at the CMA awards, give him a mic and let Taylor interrupt him for a laugh.”

 Rick Sheehy, freelance communications and marketing expert, Communications Freelance, sums it up, “In short, apologize, show remorse and then show you can keep quite.”

 You can read all the great advice in the LinkedIn PR answers section.

Do you have any PR advice for the outburst trifecta and the readers of BurrellesLuce Fresh Ideas?