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2010 Bulldog Reporter Media Relations Summit: Maggie Fox, Social Media Group, Interviewed by Johna Burke, BurrellesLuce

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Transcript –

JOHNA BURKE:  Hello, this is Johna Burke with BurrellesLuce, and we’re here at the Bulldog Media Relations Conference.  I’m joined by Maggie.

Maggie, will you please introduce yourself?

MAGGIE FOX:  Sure.  My name is Maggie Fox.  I’m the founder and CEO of a company called Social Media Group, and we are one of the world’s biggest independent social media agencies.

BURKE:  Now, Maggie, you just did a panel, and I was just wondering, you know, so many people are talking about social media.  For those people, perhaps, that haven’t quite started or don’t have a lot of traction yet, can you please share your couple of tips on how PR professionals and communicators can get going in social media?

FOX:  Sure.  Well, I think we have to recognize that social PR, that reaching out to people of influence and connecting with them in the hopes of getting them to tell your story for you is no different than traditional media relations.  It is not brain surgery, the approach is very similar. The only thing that is different is the language.  It is, you know, what they’re going to want from you, the way they’re going to want you to approach them, and kind of that human relationship piece, I think, is a lot stronger.  The other part of it is, you know, that the reality is if you want people to tell your story, you want people to talk about you, you want them to share your content, it has to be good.  So the notion that you are becoming a broadcaster, you’re starting to produce content of entertainment quality or asking other people to experience something that is really special is what’s always going to break through to us.

BURKE:  Great.  And where can people find you in social media, Maggie?

FOX:  They can find me on Twitter @maggiefox, all one word, or on the Web at

BURKE:  Great.  Thank you so much.

FOX:  Thank you.