Name: Johna Burke


Bio: A PR practitioner for over 20 years, I use my expertise in media relations, public relations, measurement, and analysis to act as an advocate for PR professionals and the PR profession. I joined the BurrellesLuce team in 2000, after 12 years as a BurrellesLuce client when I was Director of Public Relations and Investor Relations at U-Haul. Now as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales at BurrellesLuce, my PR approach is “Truth first, details second.” I’m a member of PRSA, AMEC Social Media Work Group, Measurement Conclave, and IABC, where I was also the Southern Region Chair in 2009. Outside the office, I’m passionate about my family, which includes my three Boston Terriers, and using my Seinfeld trivia powers to bring about good.Twitter: @gojohnab; LinkedIn: Johna Burke; Friendfeed: gojohnab; Facebook: BurrellesLuce

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