Measurement Week Interviews: Roxane Papagiannopoulos

September 25th, 2014
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Last week was AMEC’s International Measurement Week, and to honor it, we reached out to some of the top measurement experts to get their take on measurement dos and don’ts, common mistakes, and how they found themselves a member of the Measurati. We got such an enthusiastic response that we’re extending our celebration to include all their answers. We’ll be running their answers all this week, and be sure to check out our latest newsletter for measurement insights from 11 other experts in the field.

Let’s hear from today’s featured expert, Roxane Papagiannopoulos, President at RMP Analysis.

What is your “measurement moment,” the time you knew your career was becoming measurement-focused?

Assomeone who always wants to know the answer to the ‘Why?”/ “How?” question it was inevitable that I ended up where I am. While I was employed by Vocus one of my clients challenged me with how to wring more out of that software. The goal was to provide data to the PR team that they could use to improve their tactics and performance. Once I walked through that door I found my zone and have never looked back.

What is your proudest measurement moment?

My proudest moment was the decision to start my own business. The experience has opened up more opportunities to service customers individually.

What is your most important piece of measurement advice?

Getting started in a new measurement effort or starting one where none existed is stressful. Find a vendor partner who is going to work with you to uncover the reality versus what will make the vendor or you just look good. Ask to see some of their work and explain how it will relate and can translate to your industry/business efforts.

What’s the most common measurement mistake you encounter?

Valuing counts over insights. All too often PRs look at number of mentions as a measure of success “Look at how many outlets picked up this story!” – so what? As well as impressions multipliers (painful).

Tell us a breakthrough story, in which you took your client from metrics to KPIs.

My client was in a crisis situation and the news stream was completely negative toward the company. Internally there was a debate on the process of how to handle crisis situations. On one side we, along with several of the PR team, were advocating the customer put out a statement and address the issue at hand to end the news cycle and allow customers to focus on the positive company efforts.

On the other side the stalwarts were advocating to be quiet and it will go away (really shocking, but this is how crisis were handled for a long period of time.) Using metrics we were able to demonstrate the news cycle would be curbed or ended if the company simply addressed the issue. This allowed us to gain support to present the evaluation of qualitative outcomes tied to reputation change, deposit volumes and product sales.

What do you see as measurement’s biggest challenge ahead?

The question indicates that measurement has made progress, however that is the challenge in my opinion in the PR/Corp Comm space. The industry is very slow to implement measurement practices.

Bonus question: You just won the lottery. What’s your dream job?

You hear people say “I wouldn’t quit my job” all the time when asked this question. The truth? I would quit, not because I don’t love what I do but there is a cause that would benefit more from the lottery winnings that would require 100 percent of my time. My dream job would be to set up a honeybee sanctuary in as many states as possible (I’m a beekeeper). Don’t doubt it…metrics would be an integral part of the effort. Ask me in person sometime and I’ll talk your ear off.


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