#PR, #Google+, #SocialMedia, #Measurement, #MediaRelations….Summer Reading Part 2

August 10th, 2011

Sometimes the best information you receive has been shared by your social media connections. In an earlier post, I linked to some of the interesting articles I came across regarding public relations and PR measurement. Below are some additional, must reads involving Google+ and social media.


I could fill a few blog posts listing other articles about Google+. The multitude of social media discussions on whether or not Google+ will defeat Facebook and Twitter seem to be endless. I don’t think anyone knows, yet, how the platform will ultimately perform, but you might want to brush-up on it, just in case.

  • Six Tips for Using Google+ Now, on Spin Sucks,  by Gini Dietrich outlines the basics for getting started on the platform. Of course, you will need to join, either via a friend’s invite or directly on Google+, during the network’s open registration period, first! 
  • Claire Celsi, The Public Relations Princess, posted, Google+ What’s in it for Me?, a post listing some of the unique features to check-out.

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Do you have any PR summer reads to share with the Fresh Ideas readers?

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