10 Lists Every Public Relations Professional Can Learn From

January 26th, 2010


Valerie Simon

I’ve noticed a lot of controversy regarding the subject of “lists” being discussed on Twitter lately. Bloggers who create lists run the risk of being scrutinized for the choices they make regarding who is or is not put on a particular list and the methodology behind those choices. I have watched (and joined in) conversations over the merits of building a Twitter list, largely based upon who is excluded.

Personally I have always focused on what is included; the resources that someone felt were worthy of a special designation. I have learned quite a bit from reading the lists of other bloggers, and would like to give back by sharing some of my favorite lists for PR professionals. I’m only going to list nine, however, and challenge you to help me finish this post by leaving a comment that includes your favorite list. I hope that you are able to take away something new from my recommendations and I look forward to learning from you!

10 Lists Every Public Relations Professional Can Learn From

  1. List of Links to Council Member Blogs (Council of Public Relations Firms) I take the content of my Google Reader very seriously and have a folder devoted to following the blogs of PR agencies. Here is a great list of PR Agency blogs that helped me fill that folder!
  2. PR News 15 to Watch Nominees and  PR People Award Winners There are a lot of great lists of noteworthy individuals in the PR community; the finalists for these PR News awards consistently showcase a sample of the very best in the public relations industry, highlighting both up and coming, as well as seasoned pro’s across a wide gamut of specialties.
  3. BurrellesLuce 2010 List of Top Media Outlets: Newspapers, Blogs, Consumer Magazines and Social Networks Yes, one of my favorite lists is created by BurrellesLuce. It’s a free resource you can download featuring the circulation figures of the top 100 daily newspapers in the United States, plus the 25 most popular English-language blogs, 25 leading consumer magazines and the top 20 social networking sites.
  4. Top Twitter Trends of 2009 and 2009 Year End Google Zeitgeist I have taken the liberty of putting these two lists together because I think the juxtaposition of the discussions which trended on Twitter and the fastest rising queries on Google is particularly interesting (and worthy of a blog post unto itself).
  5. Public Relations Trade Books A great Amazon.com list, for the PR industry, created by Georgia Southern University professor Barbara Nixon.
  6. The Ad Age Power 150  If you blog you are no doubt already very familiar with this daily ranking of marketing  blogs.  If you are looking to start blogging, this list will give you some great examples to learn from.
  7. The Top 10 Social Media Top 10 Lists of 2009  Several of the lists on this list (including Mashable’s Top YouTube Videos for Social Good) were part of my initial top ten, some of which offer great insights about social media.
  8. #PRStudChat Twitter list There are a myriad of excellent Twitter lists dedicated to those in the PR industry. You have likely created your own; here’s mine. As co-founder of #PRStudChat, a trending twitter chat between public relations students, educators and professionals, I wanted to get to know the participants of the community better outside of the hashtag. If you are looking for new people to follow on Twitter and who share your interest in PR, I think this is a great place to start.
  9. New York’s Top 100 Events for  2009  This list  from Bizbash is a great way to get the creative juices flowing by sharing some off  the most inspirational events of the year. Bizbash provides a “Top 100 events” list for several other cities, including Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Toronto, Orlando and Washington, DC.
  10. Your Turn. Please comment and share one of your favorite lists!

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  2. Valerie says:

    Both great resources- thanks for sharing Davina!

  3. […] 10 Lists Every Public Relations Professional Can Learn From … […]

  4. […] 10 Lists Every Public Relations Professional Can Learn From … […]

  5. Not to be all self-serving and everything, but my list of “91 Journalism Websites and Blogs” is probably a pretty good resource for PR pros. Great post VS.

  6. Valerie Simon says:

    Jeremy- Loved your post on 91 Journalism Websites and Blogs (http://ow.ly/13mmf ) A perfect #10- I actually have it bookmarked, and would recommend others do as well 🙂

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