Thanksgiving Appreciation

November 19th, 2009

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 by Cathy Del Colle*

As I sit in my office reflecting on both my profession and what to write in today’s post, I am reminded of the turkey that I have to prepare and the many things I have to do in the next week as Thanksgiving comes near. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, whether it is performing at a high standard in an uncertain economy or cooking a great Thanksgiving dinner to share with family.  

That being said, I am going to take off the proverbial gloves of public relations and reflect back through the year of diminishing returns.  In a blog post by Jaiyant Cavale titled Count Your Blessings This Thanksgiving Day, Cavale writes that “This perhaps would be the most unique Thanksgiving in the history of America. The nation has gone through such economic turmoil recently that people have been finding it hard to have celebrations of any kind.” 

Indeed, this has been a very difficult year for all and on many fronts; however I strive to execute great client service and I know my entire team holds the same standard.  At BurrellesLuce, we continue to contact our clients to simply say that we appreciate their business and to make sure that they’re happy with all aspects of our service.  This one statement goes a long way as we continue to secure our relationships and we continue to hear much kudos back along the way as well!

This Thanksgiving, whether it’s at work or at home, as Jaiyant Cavale states, “‘Make sure you count your blessings, share your joy and fortune with friends, family and strangers and express gratitude, which is the soul of Thanksgiving Day.”

*Bio: During my 22 years with BurrellesLuce I’ve heard and seen a lot in the way of media monitoring and measurement. I originally started as a sales associate specializing in fashion and higher education. Now, I am the SVP of client services. Over the years I’ve developed a close relationship with many PR and marketing professionals. When I worked in the nation’s capital, I sat on the board of Washington Women in Public Relations, where I also served as membership coordinator and, in 1995, as president. Today, I remain an honorary member of that organization. I continue to enjoy meeting with clients and assisting them in any way. LinkedIn: cdelcolle; Twitter: @BurrellesLuce; Facebook: BurrellesLuce

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