Media Outreach - Overview

Who said that reaching the savviest journalists or the hippest bloggers is hard to do?

BurrellesLuce understands The Media and positions you to most effectively target your efforts. Media Outreach module comes standard with a subscription to BurrellesLuce WorkFlow™ – putting you in touch with the who's who, so you can pitch the what's what and gain the coverage you deserve. 

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With BurrellesLuce Media Outreach, you can:

Effortlessly distribute traditional and multimedia press releases to the journalists, bloggers, and media outlets that matter to you.

See how this works.

View editorial calendars and special events relevant to your industry.

Find out how to stay in the know.

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Your Path to PR Success

Media Contacts not only saves time, it gives me the comfort in knowing my media contact lists are complete and up-to-date.

Stacy Gabrielle
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